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1955 World Scout Jamboree

1955 World Scout Jamboree

In 1955, the Eighth World Scout Jamboree was held in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. This was the first major international gathering of Scouts outside of Europe. Over 11,000 Scouts attended from 71 countries around the world.

The Canadian Post Office issued a 5 cent stamp designed by Laurence Hyde on August 20, 1955, commemorating the event.

National Archives of Canada

National Archives of Canada

First Day Covers


Jamboree Mail

8th World Jamboree stationery
Niagara-on-the -Lake to Reading England, August 24, 1955
15 cents one-half ounce air mail letter rate to Great Britain


Domestic Forward Letter

Hamilton to Toronto, September 5, 1955
5 cents forward letter rate + 20 cents registration fee

Domestic Local Letter

The domestic local letter rate was 4 cents for the first ounce and 2 cents for each additional ounce.

Local Hamilton letter, November 24, 1955
Taxed 2 cents which suggests that the rate was 6 cents, the local 2 ounce rate
6 cents postage dues affixed and cancelled October 25, 1955 for other postage due items

Domestic Special Delivery

Toronto to Waterdown, September 5, 1955
5 cents forward letter rate + 10 cents special delivery fee

Domestic Acknowledgment of Receipt

Registered mail from Kamloops to Vancouver, October 21, 1955
Acknowledged by addressee, October 24, 1955

Surface Letter to the US

Montreal to Benton Harbor, October 31, 1955
5 cents surface letter rate

The letter was returned to the sender whose name was on the envelope but not the return address. The letter was forwarded to the Montreal Undeliverable Mail Office (UMO). The return address was obtained without having to open the letter. The UMO returned the letter and 5 cents was charged for this service. All markings are on the cover because an ambulance envelope was not required.

Montreal Undeliverable Mail Office handstamp
No. 6

International Air Mail

Saskatoon to Rotterdam, August 27 1955
15 cents one-half ounce air mail letter rate to Europe

Vancouver to Florida North, South Africa, September 21, 1955
25 cents air mail letter rate to South Africa

Quebec to Koulouba, French Sudan, French West Africa, October 15, 1957
25 cents one-half ounce air mail rate to Africa