Friday, December 27, 2013

1953-1957 Canada Wildlife Series : First Day Covers

From 1953 to 1957 the Canadian Post Office Department issued stamps depicting Canada's wildlife. The issue dates coincided with National Wildlife Week.

The 1953 set, issued on April1 1953, consisted of three stamps:
  • 2 cents Polar Bear
  • 3 cents Moose
  • 4 cents Bighorn Sheep

2 cents Polar Bear

3 cents Moose

4 cents  Bighorn Sheep

The 1954 Wildlife Series issued April 1, 1954 , consisted of three stamps : 4 cent Walrus, 5 cent Beaver, and 15 cent Gannet. The 5 cent beaver was issued in sheet format as well as booklets. The 15 cent stamp became a much-needed definitive for this denomination.

4 cents Walrus

5 cents Beaver


Enclosure in Artcraft FDC promoting WSYR (Syracuse) television

(Not in author's collection)

15 cents Gannet

The 1955 Wildlife Series set was issued on April 4, 1955, featuring the Musk Ox on the 4 cent stamp and the endangered Whooping Crane on the 5 cent denomination.

4 cents Musk Ox

5 cents Whooping Cranes

The fourth annual wildlife series set was issued by the Canada Post Office Department on April 12, 1956 featuring caribou and the mountain goat.

4 cents Caribou

5 cents Mountain Goat

The fifth and final Wildlife series issue, a single 5 cent stamp featuring the Loon, was released on April 10, 1957 coinciding with National Wildlife Week.