Monday, August 30, 2010

David M. Pritchard, Jr. Cachets

David M. Pritchard, Jr. designed first day cover cachets for U.S.,  Canadian, U.N., and other stamps issues, beginning in the mid 1960s and continuing into the 1980s. Mr. Pritchard's early cachets lack the professionalism seen in most commercial designs, and perhaps that is why I am so fond of them.
Most of the early cachets were mimeographed with typewritten text and hand-coloured with pencils or markers.

He identified his cachets with his initials "DMP" and later with the "David "C" Cachets" logo:


1. Canadian issues

Pritchard's covers were produced from 1967 to 1976.

Centennial Commemorative Stamp and Definitives

These DMP cachets were mimeographed and hand coloured.

Expo 67

This cachet was completely hand-drawn.

U.S. Stamp Commemorating Canada's Centennial

Mimeographed and coloured with pencils

DMP and David "C" Cachets : 1970 -71
These were mimeographed and coloured with pencils.

Enclosure in the Leacock first day cover

2. United Nations issuesUnited Nations covers were produced from 1969 to 1975.

3. U.S. issues
a) Mimeographed

Not coloured



b) "Professional" Printing

Masonic Themes