Saturday, December 31, 2011

1936 : U. S. - Canada Rocket Flight

A rocket flight was planned from the United States across Niagara Falls, Canada, in conjunction with the 1936 Third Annual International Exhibition (TIPEX) held in New York. German dealer Karl Henning prepared stamps, covers and cancellations, but the flight did not take place.
This post shows the labels and covers for the proposed rocket flight.



Friday, December 30, 2011

Semi-Official Air Mail:
Laurentide Air Services Limited

From 1924 to 1932, the Canada Post Office authorized airline companies to charge a fee for carriage of mail in northern Canada and issue their own stamps. The airline fee was in addition to Canadian postage. Airline company stamps were not to be affixed to the front of the envelopes.

Laurentide Air Services

Laurentide Air Service Ltd, carried out operations in both Québec and Ontario, including the first regular Canadian air-mail, passenger and freight service from Haileybury, Ont, to Rouyn, Qué (1924).

Rouyn Lake to London, England, October 22, 1924
4 cents Canadian postage paying letter rate to Great Britain

25 cents paying air mail rate from Rouyn to Haileybury

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

1980 Commemoratives:
Private First Day Covers

Arctic Islands

Date of Issue: January 23, 1980

Winter Olympics

Date of Issue: January 23, 1980

Academy of Arts

Date of Issue: March 6, 1980

Atlantic Whitefish
Greater Prairie Chicken

Date of Issue: May 6, 1980

Les Floralies

Date of Issue : May 26, 1980

World Congress of Rehabilitation International

Date of Issue: May 26, 1980

O Canada Centenary

Date of Issue: June 6, 1980

John Diefenbaker
Date of Issue: June 20, 1980

Canadian Musicians

Date of Issue: July 4, 1980

Ned Hanlan

Date of Issue: July 4, 1980


Date of Issue: August 27, 1980


Date of Issue: September 3, 1980

Inuit: Spirits

Date of Issue: September 25, 1980

Date of Issue: October 22, 1980

Military Aircraft

Date of Issue: November 10, 1980

E.P. Lachapelle

Date of Issue: December 5, 1980

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

1979 Commemoratives: Private First Day Covers

Quebec Carnival

Day of Issue: February 1, 1979

Spiny Soft-Shelled Turtle
Bowhead Whale

Day of Issue: April 10, 1979

Postal Code

Day of Issue: April 27, 1979

Frederick Philip Grove
Emilie Nelligan

Day of Issue: May 3, 1979

Colonel C.M. de Salabery
Colonel John By

Day of Issue: May 11, 1979

Atlas Chemical

Hanstamp on back of envelope

Provincial and Territorial Flags

Day of Issue: June 15, 1979

White Water Race

Day of Issue: July 3, 1979

Women's Field Hockey
Day of Issue: August 16, 1979

Inuit - Shelter and Community

Day of Issue: September 13, 1979

Christmas-Antique Toys

Day of Issue: October 17, 1979

United Nations Year of the Child

Day of Issue: October 24, 1979

The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto

Aircraft - Flying Boats
Day of Issue: November 15, 1979