Tuesday, August 3, 2010

1955 Inuit Hunter

On February 21, 1955, the 10 cent Inuit Hunter stamp was issued to replace the 1950 10 cent Fur Resources definitive.

The Canada Post Office provided the following description in its press release:

The new 10¢ postage stamp was designed by Harold Beament, Montreal, and the stamps were engraved by the Canadian Bank Note Company, Ottawa. The Eskimo and his kayak represents the life of Canada's most northern citizens; possibly they are also Canada's oldest citizens though they have been among the least known. This stamp is a tribute to the remarkable people of our last frontier.

The sketch below drawn by Jim Huston was used by stamp designer Harold Beament.

National Archives of Canada

National Archives of Canada
Drawn by Harold Beaument


National Archives of Canada

National Archives of Canada

First Day Covers


I have selected single usages for this posting.
(Most of the usages below have been shown in previous postings)

Domestic Special Delivery

Local Special Delivery letter from Hamilton, December 31, 1958
10 cents special delivery fee

Special Delivery letter from James M. MacDonnell, Minister Without Porfolio, to Toronto, July 23, 1958

Free postage + 10 cents special delivery fee

Domestic Acknowledgment of Receipt

Mail from Montreal to Ottawa, February 28 1966
Acknowledged at Ottawa, March 1, 1966

International Air Mail Letter

Toronto to Sousfriere, St. Lucia, November 21 1957
10 cents air mail rate to the West Indies

Montreal to Buenos Aires, Argentina, July 3, 1962
10 cents air mail rate to South America

Air Mail Post Card Rate to all Destinations

On January 1, 1966 the air mail post card rate to all international destinations was 10 cents.

Toronto to Loureco Marques, Mozambique, September 9, 1966
10 cent air mail post card rate
The air mail post card rate prior to January 1, 1966 was 25 cents

Other Articles Air Mail

Toronto to London, December 19, 1966
Air Mail printed matter (Other Articles) 10 cents for each ounce

UPU Surface Letter Rate

On January 1, the UPU surface letter rate was increased from 6 cents to 10 cents.

Winnipeg to Okinawa, Japan, July 8, 1966
10 cents UPU surface letter rate

International Acknowledgment of Receipt

Montreal Airport to Paris, June 21, 1965
Received by addressee on June 22, 1965

10 cents AR fee at time of despatch