Friday, December 31, 2010

Centennial Definitives
6 cent Orange
Communication and Transportation

The 6 cent orange booklets (1968 -69) were printed by the British American Bank Note Company in two formats:
  • 25 cent booklet consisting of four 6 cent stamps and one 1 cent stamp
  • $1.50 booklet consisting of twenty-five 6 cent stamps

All 6 cent orange booklets were perforated 10.

25 cent Booklet

Three major types of 25 cent booklet stamps have been identified:
  • Non-fluorescent paper
  • Fluorescent ink
  • Hi-Brite paper

Non-Fluorescent (left) Fluorescent Ink (centre) Hi-Brite (right)

Identifying Orange Perforated 10 Booklet Stamps on Cover

Stamps with straight edges on the left side come from the booklet. Stamps with straight edges on the right side could be sheet stamps or booklet stamps.

Sheet stamp:

Selvedge left side


Straight-edge left side

Non-Fluorescent Booklet Stamp

Wallaceburg to London, September 10, 1969
Left side straight edge

Hi-Brite Booklet Stamp

Victoria local mail, April 8 1970
From 25 cent perf. 10 Booklet, left straight edge

$1.50 Booklet