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December 11, 2010

1954 - 1963 Wilding Period

1955 Eskimo (Inuit) Hunter

1962 - 1967 : Cameo Period

International Rates and Fees

Goderich to Gilbert and Ellice Islands, November 13, 1963
25 cents air mail letter rate

1967-74 : Centennial Definitive Period

1967 Centennial Definitve Stamps : February 8, 1967


The Rosecraft high value definitive cachet incorrectly stated that the 1967 series honoured "The Famous Group of Seven" Canadian artists. The paintings used for the 8c, 20c, 50c and $1.00 stamps were not painted by Group of Seven artists.

To Bermuda
10 cents was the air mail letter rate to Bermuda

Bermuda receiver

Expo 67 : A Philatelic Commemoration

1952- 1966 Commemoratives

1953 : Coronation

1957 Wildlife Issue : Loon

To C.D. Howe, Minister of Trade and Commerce

1958 Free Press

1960 Girl Guides

Rorketown to Reykjavik, Iceland, August 23, 1960
UPU surface letter rate 6 cents
Shortpaid 1 cent and taxed 10 gold centimes (the minimum)

1961 Northern Development


1961 Colombo Plan

Canada Post Office Publicity

The Colombo Plan stamp was the only issue for which the international publicity program used an Aerogramme.

1962 Red River Settlement

Vancouver to Toronto, August 1, 1962
Canadian National Railway (CNR) perfin

CNR Perfin

1965 Canadian Flag


1965 Christmas

Domestic Forward Letter

Estevan to Hamilton, December 18, 1965
5 cents forward letter rate

Military : NATO Forces in Europe Air Mail Letter

RCAF Wing 3, CFPO 106 Zwiebrucken to Clinton, November 17, 1965
15 cents air mail letter rate to Canada

1966 Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Conference

Whirlpool Corporation Corner Card

Domestic Forward Letter

Barrie to Wasaga Beach, September 18, 1966
'NOT CALLED FOR" handstamp

1966 Christmas

Domestic Printed Matter

Toronto to Port Credit, December 18, 1966
3 cent stamp from the Miniature Pane

Domestic Forward Letter

RCAF Station St. Margrets, James Park, N.S. to Ottawa, October 21, 1966

International Air Mail

Montreal to Paris, October 25, 1966
15 cents air mail letter rate to Europe

Commemoratives : From 1967

1967 Centennial Commemorative

Canada Post Publicity First Day Cover

Canada Post Office used the new Centennial year cacheted replacement envelope for its mailings of publicity leaflets to international recipients. This cover was mailed to Kingston, Jamaica.

Domestic Forward Letter

Ridgetown to London, January 20, 1967

1967 Votes for Women

1967 Royal Visit

Domestic Forward Letter

Vancouver to Clinton, July 29, 1967

1967 Pan-American Games

Canada Post Office Publicity First Day Cover

This publicity cover was mailed to St. Thomas, Jamaica

The Canadian Press

Surface Letter to the United States

Toronto to Peoria, September 3, 1967

NATO Forces

RCAF Wing 4, CFPO 5056, Baden-Sellingen, Germany to RCAF Station Greenwood, N.S.
The air mail letter rate was 15 cents. This letter was insufficiently paid for air mail service

1967 : General Georges Vanier

Canada Post Office brochure

1967 Christmas

Domestic Forward Letter

Victoria to London, November 14, 1967

Winnipeg to Aylmer, November 22, 1967
5 cent stamp Winnipeg tagged