Friday, December 10, 2010

1968 Gray Jay

Canadian artist Glen Loates designed the beautiful Gray Jay stamp issued on February 15, 1968. The gray jay is a bird of the coniferous forests of North America whose breeding grounds are in a broad unbroken geographic band extending from British Columbia and the Yukon to Newfoundland.

First Day Covers

Canada Envelope Company

H and E

Shering Corporation

Overseas Mailers

Elliott-Marion (Pharmaceuticals)

Cole Cover

David Pritchard

Maple Leaf Cachet
Stewart, Warren and Benson Bank Printers


International Air Mail

Montreal to Munich, February 25, 1968
15 cents air mail letter rate to Europe

Domestic Letter

Vancouver to Edmonton, March 19, 1968

Letter Carriers Branch
South Burnaby
Vancouver B.C.