Thursday, December 23, 2010

1968 Henri Bourassa

Henri Bourassa (1862-1952), journalist, politician and nationalist, was the founder of the French language newspaper Le Devoir . Bourassa opposed Canadian involvement in foreign military adventures, and inspired the growth of a vigorous nationalism in Québec.

On September 4, 1968, Canada Post Office issued a stamp commemorating the centennial of Henri Bourassa's birth.

First Day Covers

Canada Envelope Company


Canada Post Office Publicity First Day Cover

Canada Post Office Replacement First Day Cover

Overseas Mailers


David Pritchard



International Air Mail

Montreal to Paris, September 15, 1968
15 cents air mail letter rate to Europe

Vernon to East Ringwood, Australia, September 23, 1968
50 cents paying the one ounce double weight air mail letter rate to Australia
(25 cents each half ounce)