Wednesday, December 15, 2010

1968 Meteorology

Canada Post Office issued a 5 cent Meteorological stamp on March 15, 1968, to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Canada's first long-term fixed point weather observations. The weather readings commemorated by the stamp were started at Fort Prince of Wales, Churchill, by William Wales and Joseph Dymond on September 10, 1768. Daily observations by thermometer and barometer continued until August 27, 1769. Dymond and Wales were at Hudson Bay to observe the transit of Venus. Wales, one of the foremost astronomers and mathematicians of the day, was later to accompany Captain Cook on voyages around the world.


(National Archives of Canada)

Accepted Design

 The stamp was designed by George Sarras Fanais and modeled by Harvey Thomas Prosser

First Day Covers

Canada Post Office Publicity First Day Cover

To Brussels, Belgium

Canada Post Replacement Cover

Pencil address : "CPO OTT"

Overseas Mailers

David Pritchard


International Air Mail

Montreal to Paris, April 18, 1968
15 cents air mail rate to Europe

Montreal A.M.F. machine cancellation
To Munich, March 29, 1968
15 cents air mail rate to Europe