Wednesday, December 8, 2010

1967 Centennial Definitives:

1. February 8, 1967 - October 31, 1968
The first Centennial definitive coils consisting of the the 3c, 4c, and 5c values were issued on February 8, 1967, the same day as the sheet stamps. The coils, printed by the Canadian Bank Note Company, were sold in rolls of 500 for use primarily by bulk mailers. The 3 cent precancelled coil was released in April, 1967. (The 5 cent coil was issued precancelled as well but after October 31, 1968.)

3 cents

The precancelled coil was issued in April, 1967

Hamilton to St. Catharines, July 4, 1968
3 cents third class rate

The Atlantic, Montreal

4 Cents

Hamilton, October 31, 1968
4 cents local letter rate (last day of rate)

5 Cents

Hamilton to Burlington, October 10, 1968
5 cents forward letter rate

In addition to being sold in rolls of 500, the 5 cent coil was sold to tourists in smaller quantities in Niagara Falls (probably from a vending machine).

Postcard "Niagara, 4.10.67" was mailed in Toronto (October 5, 1967) to Munich
Two 5 cent coils paid the 10 cents air mail post card rate

Niagara Falls to Bayeux, France, September 15, 1969

The sender affixed a strip of four 5 cent coils and a single 5 cent coil in the lower left corner. The air mail letter rate to Europe was 15 cents.

2. November 1, 1968 - 1973

During this period, the Post Office issued coils in 6 cent, 7 cent and 8 cent denominations In addition, the 5 cent coil was issued precancelled.

5 cents : Precancelled

The 5 cent precancelled coil was issued after November 1, 1968 in rolls of 500 stamps.

The third class first weight step rate increased from 3 cents to 5 cents on November 1, 1968.

Winnipeg Executive Association mailing, February 24, 1969
5 cents printed matter rate

Quantity Rate (Bulk Mail Rate) : From July 1, 1971

The bulk mail rates were amended on July 1, 1971. For more details see my earlier posting on bulk mail rates. A common bulk mail rate was 5 cents per item ( standard printed matter was 6 cents).

Bulk Mail
5 cent rate-mailed after June 50, 1971

CBN Test Coils

6 cents Orange

The 6 cents orange transportation stamp (sheet and coil formats) was issued when the domestic first class letter rate increased from 5 cents to 6 cents on November 1, 1968. The 6 cent coils were sold in rolls of 100 stamps and marketed to the general public.

Meaford to Scarborough, December 22, 1969
6 cents domestic letter rate

Hi-Brite Stamp

The 6 cent coil printed on Hi-Brite paper ( high fluorescence) appeared in June, 1970.

The Hi-Brite paper on the right is distinguishable from the regular paper on the left even without the use of an ultra-violet lamp.

Victoria, October 25, 1975
6 cent Hi-Brite stamp

Imperforate Stamps

In 1968, Canadian Bank Note Co. introduced a new perforator for the coil printing machine. The perforator perforated 12 rows of stamps with one strike. A missing strike produced 11 completely imperforated stamps per coil.

6 cents Black

As explained in an earlier post, the 6 cent stamp was changed from orange to black to permit easier detection of the stamp's location on the envelope by facer-canceller machines. The 6 cent black coil stamp was issued in July, 1970, only on Hi-Brite paper.

Ottawa to St. John, April 20, 1971
6 cents domestic letter rate

A strip of six 6 cent coils on this return letter to stamp dealer W.T. Pollitz
Edmonton to Boston, April 27, 1971
6 cents surface letter rate to the U.S. + 50 cents registration fee

7 cents

The domestic letter rate increased from 6 cents to 7 cents on July 1, 1971. The 7 cent stamp (sheet and coil) was issued on June 30, 1971, only on Hi-Brite paper.

Blythe to Montreal, November 2, 1971
7 cents domestic letter rate

Imperforated Stamps

8 Cent : Untagged

The domestic letter rate increased from 7 cents to 8 cents on January 1, 1972. The 8 cent untagged coil stamp was issued December 31, 1971, on non-fluorescent paper. However the coil has been found printed on a range of paper fluorescences, a topic which is beyond the scope of this posting.

Montreal, January 21, 1972
8 cents untagged coil

8 cent : Tagged

In February 1972, an Ottawa tagged version (OP-2) of the 8 cent coil stamp was issued as part of the mechanization trials underway at the Ottawa post office.

The tagged stamp on the right has been tagged with fluorescent bars on both sides of the stamp. The tagging is visible under ordinary light.

Local Winnipeg letter, March 4, 1974

The fluorescent bars glow brightly under ultra-violet light.