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1967 Centennial Definitive Stamps:
February 8, 1967

The Centennial definitive series issued on February 8, 1967 consisted of twelve stamps. The five lower denomination stamps featured the image of Queen Elizabeth combined with a regional view of Canada. The five geographical regions of Canada, the North, the Pacific Coast, the Prairies, Central Canada and the Atlantic Coast were represented in succession from the one cent to the five cent denomination. The Rolland Paper Company Limited published a souvenir booklet entitled "Canada's Centennial Stamps" with illustrations of each stamp.

Lower denominations illustrated in the Rolland booklet

Canadian art was featured on the seven higher denomination stamps which was described as follows in the Rolland booklet:

Rolland booklet illustrations

Stamp Order

The author pre-ordered the Centennial definitive stamps from Canada Post Office:

First Day Covers

Canadian Bank Note Company, Limited

The Centennial definitive series stamps issued on February 8, 1967, were printed by the Canadian Bank Note Company, Limited.

Lower Denomination Stamps

Higher Denomination Stamps

Canada Post Office Replacement First Day Cover

Enclosed note

Shering Corporation Limited

Schering produced English and French cachets




The Rosecraft high value definitive cachet incorrectly stated that the 1967 series honoured "The Famous Group of Seven" Canadian artists. The paintings used for the 8c, 20c, 50c and $1.00 stamps were not painted by Group of Seven artists.

To Bermuda
10 cents was the air mail letter rate to Bermuda

Bermuda receiver

Canada Envelope Company

Canada Centennial Panorama

David M. Pritchard



Two colours were used on the Artopage cachets shown below. Four different types are shown below:

1. Red frame and top half - Blue bottom half

2.  Red frame and top half - Orange bottom half

 3. Green frame and top half - Blue bottom half

4.. Green frame and top half - Orange bottom half

House of Commons

Member of Parliament handstamp


New Forest Stamp Service
Winnipeg tagged stamps
10 of 50 covers prepared