Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Nimrod Caper : Canadian Military Exercises in Jamaica

In March 1969, Canadian troops were airlifted from Canada to Jamaica to carry out training exercise "Nimrod Caper". The more than 800 personnel consisted of the 1st Royal Canadian Regiment of London, Ontario, accompanied by 429 Buffalo Squadron and 403 Helicopter Training Squadron from No. 10 Tactical Air Group. During the Centennial period, Exercise Nimrod Caper was repeated annually with a different battalion group.

CFPO 5003 was assigned to handle mail for all the Nimrod Caper exercises.

Nimrod Caper I : 1969

CFPO 5003 to St. Catharines, March 15, 1969
6 cent Forces Air Letter rate

The writer describes the warm weather and the lovely beaches.

CFPO 5003
Type C hammer (Bailey and Toop)
No year

Nimrod Caper II : 1970

CFPO 5003 to Drummondville, February 14, 1970

CFPO 5003
Type C hammer
Year in canceller

Nimrod Caper IV : 1972

March 25, 1972

CFPO 5003
Type D hammer