Saturday, July 10, 2010

Canadian Local Letter Mail During the Wilding Period

On April 1. 1954, the local letter rate was increased from 3 cents to 4 cents for the first ounce and remained at 4 cents until the local rate was abolished on November 1, 1968.

Since the Wilding 4 cent stamp was issued on June 10, 1954, the Karsh definitives were still "in-period" from April 1, 1954 to June 9, 1954.

First Day of Rate:

Peterborough, April 1 1954

Advertizing Covers:

Halifax, February 13, 1956

Calgary, October 18, 1961

Hamilton, March 21, 1958

Vancouver, November 12, 1958

Hamilton, February 1, 1960

Calgary, March 29, 1961

Hamilton, January 11, 1955

Telegram Confirmation :

St. Catharines, August 14, 1954
CPR perfins on both stamps

Special Order Stationery:

Norwich, August 9, 1955

Additional Weight Steps

The local letter rate was 4 cents for the first ounce and 2 cents for each additional ounce.

Montreal, March 2 1955
6 cents paying the 2 ounce rate

London, October 5, 1956
6 cents 2 ounce rate short paid 1 cent
Taxed 2 cents and amount due paid : London 2 cents postage meter tape affixed to envelope and cancelled.

National Revenue, Ottawa, August 20, 1958
8 cents was the 3 ounce local letter rate
Shortpaid 4 cents and taxed 8 cents double the deficiency


Toronto, November 24, 1955
Unpaid and taxed 8 cents
Dues cancelled at Rexdale, November 25, 1955


Mail redirected to an address requiring a higher rate of postage than its first address, additional postage was required. Only the single deficiency in prepayment was to be rated or collected.

Kitchener, July 9, 1962
Redirected to Waterloo ( forward rate 5 cents)
Charged single deficiency 1 cent
1 cent Wilding definitive paying the charge and cancelled July 12, 1962

Sault Ste. Marie, February 11, 1958
Redirected to London, England (surface letter rate 5 cents)
Amount charged was 1 cent and taxed 10 gold centimes
Letter could not be delivered ( apparently the address London, England was insufficient)
Returned (London machine April 1, 1958)


a) Return Address

Undeliverable mail with a return address was returned to sender without charge.

Vancouver, December 17, 1958
Instructional marking advises sender: "DO NOT REMAIL UNDER THIS COVER"

b) No return address

Letters lacking return addresses were sent to the Undeliverable Mail Office where the letter was opened and the sender's address was obtained if possible. The mail was returned to the sender in an ambulance envelope and charged 5 cents per item.

Toronto, June 16, 1962
Undeliverable and no return address

Sent to Toronto Undeliverable Mail Office and returned to sender June 27,1962:

Toronto Undeliverable Mail Office (UMO) markings on back of envelope

UMO Toronto No. 12 handstamp

Ambulance Envelope:

Toronto UMO to sender of letter, June 27 1961
Sender not at home and Notice of Delivery card left at residence
Sender attended at the post office and paid the 5 cents charge
5 cents Wilding definitive paying the charge cancelled