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Cameo Domestic Rates and Fees : First Class Forward Letter Mail

The forward (out-of-town) letter rate during the Cameo period was 5 cents for the first ounce and three cents for each additional ounce.

Toronto to Oshawa, November 29 1965

Pembroke to Montreal, May 19 1963

Whitefish to Sudbury, March 29 1963

Hudson's Bay Company, Fort St. James, B.C., to Edmonton, May 6 1964

Winnipeg to Clinton, August 11, 1964
5 cent stamp Winnipeg tag

Ancaster to Hamilton, October 8, 1963
5 cent coil stamp paying the forward letter rate

Additional Weight Steps

Macdonald College McGill University, Montreal to Ottawa, March 5 1964
8 cents paying the > 1 ounce, ≤ 2 ounces forward letter rate
(5 cents first ounce + 3 cents next ounce)

Hespeler to Guelph, July 13, 1964
11 cents paying the > 2 ounces, ≤ 3 ounces forward letter rate
(5 cents first ounce + 6 cents next two ounces)

Official Stamps

The Cameo definitives, with the exception of the 3 cent denomination, were overprinted "G" for use on federal government "Official" mail. The Cameos were the last stamps to be overprinted. On January 1, 1964, instead of stamps, federal government departments began using envelopes bearing "Canada Postage Paid-Porte Paye". Departments paid the post office a bulk fee based on previous year's stamp usages.

Some government agencies continued using their stocks of official stamps until depleted.

Water Resources Branch, Department of Northern Affairs and Resources
Fraser Lake to Vancouver, April 1, 1964
"G" overprint on 1 cent and 2 cent stamps

Department of Citizenship and Immigration, Guelph to Toronto
December 3, 1963
9 cents postage : 1 cent overpayment of 8 cents 2 ounce forward letter rate.


Regina to Ottawa, March 11 1964

PS (Province of Saskatchewan perfin)

Ontario Department of Transport, Toronto to London, January 25 1965

LA (Legislative Assembly)

Canadian Pacific Railway Department, Welland to Montreal, October 16 1963
CPR perfin

Canadian Pacific Railway
Welland, Ont.
October 16, 1963

Shortpaid Mail

Victoria to Sidney, B.C., June 12 1964
Shortpaid 1 cent and taxed 2 cents
2 cent Cameo definitive paying the amount due, cancelled Sidney, June 13, 1964

Toronto to Cobden, November 22, 1965
Shortpaid 1 cent and taxed 2 cents
2 cent Cameo definitive paying the amount due, cancelled Cobden, November 25 1965

Calgary to Stoughton, Sask., July 4 1965
Shortpaid 4 cent and taxed 8 cents
Postage dues paying the amount due, cancelled Stoughton, July 6 1965

Chalk River to Cobden, May 31 966
Unpaid and taxed 10 cents
10 cents definitive stamp paying the amount due, June 2 1966


a) Return address on the outside

Burlington to Halifax, October 18 1966
Directory service provided but without success
Undeliverable because the addresses had moved
Returned to sender without charge

Sharon to North Surrey, December 6, 1966
Returned because address was incomplete
Large finger pointing return handstamp

b) Return address on inside only

Letters lacking return addresses on the outside were sent to an Undeliverable Mail Office where the mail was opened and the address of the sender determined. The mail was returned to the sender in an ambulance envelope and charged 5 cents.

Belleville to Timmins, September 25, 1966
Redirected to Oshawa. The letter could not be delivered and was sent from Oshawa, October 5, 1966 to the Undeliverable Mail Office (UMO) in Toronto

The UMO applied its meter on the back of the envelope on October 7

Toronto UMO circular date stamp, October 9, 1966 (No. 6)

UMO ambulance envelope
UMO Vancouver to RCAF Station Greenwood, April 7 1965
5 cent charge for undeliverable mail paid with 5 cent cameo stamp cancelled on April 9, 1965.
RCAF Greenwood Money Order Office Number cancellation