Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Domestic Mail Rates and Fees During the Karsh Period 1953-1954

On May 1, 1953, the first Canadian Queen Elizabeth definitive stamps were issued. They featured the engraved image of Her Majesty from a Yosuf Karsh photograph and were printed in 1 cent to 5 cent denominations. The engravings were not very attractive and the Karsh issue was replaced in 1954.

The domestic rates remained unchanged during the Karsh Period. I will be showing examples of the following rates from May 1, 1953 to March 31, 1954:

You will be seeing a basic collection here because that's what I've got! I would like to have more depth, but I just haven't found many covers for this period.

1. First Class Mail

a) Forward (out-of-town)

i) Surface

The letter rate was 4 cents for the first ounce.

Saskatoon to Toronto, March 25, 1954
CNR perfin

Maniwaki to Toronto, September 23, 1953

Ottawa to Toronto, June 25, 1953
CNR perfin

Eden Mills to Kitchener, March 23, 1954

Regina to Edmonton, March 10, 1954
Province of Saskatchewan perfin : PS

Whitebourne to St. Johns, May 23 1953

Toronto to Hamilton, March 26, 1954
"G" overprint

Unpaid forward letter
Ottawa to Rawdon, September 29, 1953
Taxed 8 cents-double the deficiency
Due stamps cancelled at Rawdon, October 4, 1953

Ripley to Walkerton, July 30 1953
Shortpaid 3 cents
Taxed 6 cents- double the deficiency
Postage due stamps cancelled at Walkerton, July 31, 1953

Carberry to Brandon, September 23, 1953
Shortpaid 1 cent
Taxed 2 cents - double the deficiency
Postage due stamps cancelled at Brandon, September 23, 1953

ii) Air Mail

"All-Up" airmail had been introduced in 1948 for domestic mail. Mail posted at surface letter rates was sent airmail if such service was available, but a specific request for airmail service required payment of the air mail rate.

The air mail rate was 7 cents for the first ounce.

Toronto to Winnipeg, March 22 1954
7 cents air mail letter rate

St. John, N.B., to Toronto March 12, 1954
Air mail service requested : rate 7 cents
Shortpaid 3 cents and taxed 6 cents - double the deficiency

b) Local

The local letter rate was 3 cents for the first ounce.

Toronto, March 24 1954
3 cents local letter rate

Windsor June 3, 1953
Coronation Slogan cancellation

Vancouver, January 29, 1954
CNR perfin

Hamilton Employment Office return envelope, January 12, 1954
G overprint

Toronto, August 5, 1953
Returned to sender : No Such Street Address in Toronto handstamp

Vernon, March 26, 1954
Returned : "Moved on" in pencil

Not Called For handstamp

2. Post Card

The domestic post card rate was 3 cents.

Post card of a scene in Messines, Quebec (between Maniwaki and Ottawa)
Ottawa & Maniwaki RPO, to Woodstock, April 13, 1953

Ottawa & Manniwaki RPO

Halifax to Aurora, June 3, 1953
Coronation Flag cancellation

3. Printed Matter

The printed matter rate was 2 cents for the first two ounces.

Toronto to Rodney, December 23 1953
2 cents printed matter rate

Printed matter post card, Kitchener to Hamilton
Prepaid with precancelled 2 cents stamp

4. Special Services

a) Registration

The minimum registration fee was 20 cents which provided up to $25 indemnity.

Baie Verte to Toronto, November 11, 1953
24 cents : 4 cents forward letter rate + 20 cents registration fee
Newfoundland post offices continued using registration labels after joining Canada

Toronto to Owen Sound, December 15, 1953
An attractive usage of the 3 cent denomination to pay the 24 cent forward letter registration rate.

North Bay to Oshawa, January 18 1954
A lovely block of six four cent stamps paying the postage and registration

Unemployment Insurance Commission
Galt to London, November 17, 1953
4 cents domestic forward letter rate + 20 cents registration fee

Stamps for government usage were overprinted "G"

Barrie to Toronto, December 3 1953
The 5 cent denomination is not commonly seen on domestic Karsh period covers

Correspondence to a Bush Camp

The cover below was sent to Mr. P. Vygantas at an Abitibi Pulp & Paper Company bush camp, Camp Reven Lake (sp.?), in northwest Ontario. Mr. Vygantas was probably one of the more than 20,000 Lithaunians who immigrated to Canada after WWII.

6 cents postage ( 2 ounce letter rate) + 20 cents registration fee

The cover was mailed from Hamilton on June 13, 1953, and addressed to Regan, C.P.R., Ontario. Regan was a site where the CPR crossed White Lake. Abitibi established a headquarters depot at Regan to direct and supply the White Lake cutting operations. The logs reached the Sault Ste. Marie mill by water. Logs were towed to Regan then sent on a sixty mile drive to the mouth of Lake Superior where the logs were assembled into rafts and towed to Sault Ste. Marie. White Lake operations peaked in the 1950s, and the last White River log drive was in 1964.

The use of the 20 cent forestry industry stamp on the above cover was most appropriate.

Stratford local registered letter, May 1 1953 (first day of issue)
3 cents local letter rate + 20 cents registration fee

Fredericton local registered letter, January 6 1954
A-R (acknowledgment of receipt) handstamp
An AR card was attached to this letter and prepaid 10 cents

Toronto local registered letter, February 13, 1954
CPR perfins

Board of Grain Commissioners
Winnipeg local registered correspondence, December 29 1953
"G" overprint on 3 cent and 20 cent stamps

Ballot Box Registration

Ballot boxes sent prior to a Federal election by Returning Officers addressed to Deputy Returning Officers were liable to postage at the parcel rate. Registration was optional.

1953 Federal Election ballot box
Annapolis Royal to Melvern Square, August 5, 1953
82 cents : 8 lb. 4 oz. ballot box sent registered

b) Special Delivery

The special delivery fee was 10 cents.

Toronto to Kingston, December 27 1953
14 cents paying the 4 cent forward letter rate + 10 cents special delivery fee

Winnipeg local special delivery, registered letter, November 25 1953
2 cents George VI stationery uprated
23 cents : 3 cents local letter rate + 10 cents special delivery

Timmins to Toronto, January 22, 1954
Special Delivery + Registration