Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Domestic Third Class Matter During The Wilding Period

This article deals with third class matter mailed from April 1, 1954 to May 1, 1963.

(I have chosen May 1, 1963, as the cut-off date because on May 2, 1963, the 2 cent Cameo definitive stamp was released. The printed matter rate remained unchanged until April 1, 1964.)

a) Individually Addressed

The rate for individually addressed printed matter was 2 cents for the first two ounces and 1 cent for each additional two ounces.

Toronto to Tillsonburg, October 14 1954

The Scripture Union, Toronto to St. Catharines
3 cents precancelled stamp paying the 4 0z. printed matter rate

Dec. 59
(date when subscription expires?)

Vancouver to Tillsonburg, January 13, 1959
2 cent coil stamp

Toronto local printed matter
March 25 1958 stamped on the envelope
2 cent precancelled stamp paying the printed matter rate

Royal Commission on Health Care

In 1961, the federal government established the Royal Commission on Health Care to study and report on health care needs of Canadians. In 1964-65, the Royal Commission issued its report recommending a universal medicare system in Canada which resulted in passage of the Medical Care Act in 1966.

The cover below was correspondence from the Royal Commission to a physician.

Ottawa to Barrie, July 14 1962
"G" overprint 2 cent stamp


Bell Telephone, Cobourg, July 21 1955
BT perfin

Canadian Pacific from Calgary, March 21 1963 ( 2 cent Cameo issued on May 2, 1963)



The Engineering Institute of Montreal correspondence
September 9, 1955

Private Order Envelope
Institute of Power Engineers, Toronto to Highland Creek, May 9 1958

Private Order
Compound Die 2 cent + 1 cent
Supertest, April 1959
3 cents paying the 4 oz. printed matter rate


Winnipeg to Toronto, May 11, 1955

Montreal local, June 2 1954

Reply Post Card
Owen Sound to South Porcupine, December 11 1959


Postage-paid-in-cash system used to pay the 2 cent printed matter rate
Toronto , Permit No, 5425
Received handstamp October 31. 1955

Undeliverable Third Class Mail

Undeliverable third class mail was returned to the sender. The charge was equal to the original postage charged.

Elliot Lake local, October 14, 1961
Undeliverable, returned and charged 2 cents
2 cent due stamp cancelled October 18, 1961


RCAF Greenwood to Camp Borden, December 14, 1961
2 cents affixed and sent as printed matter but rated as a first class letter
Shortpaid 3 cents for the 5 cent letter rate and taxed 6 (cents) double the deficiency
Dues cancelled at Camp Borden on December 19 1961

Closed Against Inspection

Postmasters were required to open and examine third class matter whenever they had reason to suspect that the contents did not comply fully with the regulations governing third class matter.

Third class matter completely sealed against inspection was treated as a first class letter and was forwarded to destination subject to collection of double the deficient postage at letter rate.

Printed Matter, Closed Against Inspection, Scarborough, December 13, 1960
Taxed 22 cents
Amount prepaid: 5 cents
Deficiency : 11 cents
Total first class letter rate: 16 cents

There was no 16 cent forward letter rate.
The 7 ounce local letter rate was 16 cents ( 4 cents for the first ounce and 12 cents for the next 6 ounces at 2 cents for each additional ounce)

b) Addressed to Householder

The rate was 1 1/2 cents for the first two ounces and 1 cent for each additional 2 ounces.

Campbellford, Ont., March 11 1957
Barnum's Drug Store of Campbellford requested the delivery 0f 50 items to boxholders on Rural Route No. 4

Rate Calculation : 50 items x 1 1/2 cents/item = 75 cents

75 cents postage affixed to Householder Label 7P