Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cameo Period Rates and Fees : Domestic First Class Post Cards

The domestic first class post card rate was 4 cents.

Toronto, September 30, 1963

Department of Education, Toronto to London, July 17, 1965
4 cents post card rate
Ontario government perfin on the 2 cent Cameo stamp

Legislative Assembly (LA)

Postal Stationery

PNE Vancouver, local address, September 6 1965


Quebec to South River, July 23 1964
Shortpaid 1 cent and taxed 2 cents
Due stamp cancelled South River, July 27, 1964


Stratford to Toronto, September 21, 1966
Completely unpaid and taxed 8 cents, double the deficiency

Stamps Fallen Off

Stamps Off handstamp to advise receiving post office not to tax the item

Card larger than the maximum size

The maximum post card size was 6" by 4". Cards larger than the maximum were rated as letters.

St. Catharines to HMCS Stadacona, Halifax, August 13, 1964
Card was 9" wide and treated as a letter (5 cents forward letter rate)
Taxed 2 cents, double the deficiency

HMCS Stadacona Post Office handstamp

General Delivery

Springhurst Beach to Kingsville, General Delivery, August 25 1965
The Kingsville General Delivery handstamp was applied, August 26 1965
The post card was not picked up and was returned by the Kingsville post office on September 11, 1965