Saturday, June 12, 2010

Centennial Period International Rates:

[This is an update of an article originally posted on June 10, 2010]

There were two aerogramme rate periods in effect during the Centennial era :

1. To June 30, 1971
2. From July 1, 1971

1. To June 30, 1971

The rate for aerogrammes to all countries was 10 cents. No enclosures were permitted.

a) Centennial Aerogramme

The Canada Office issued a new design aerogramme on November 6, 1967 which carried the Centennial and Expo 67 symbols on the outside of the combined letter-envelope.

Canada Post Office Notice:

First Day of Issue

Destination Denmark (1966 usage)

Destination England

Destination Australia

Destination Iceland : A Souvenir of Expo 67

Several  Expo 67 pavilion handstamps were applied to the aerogramme (shown below ) before it was mailed.

Montreal to Reykjavik, May 17, 1967

Expo 67 Pavilion Handstamps 

b)  10 cent Aerogramme Centennial and Expo Symbols Removed

The Centennial aerogramme was replaced by an aerogramme without  the Centennial and Expo symbols.

Destination China

Destination Australia

Destination Falkland Islands

Special Delivery : Germany


Montreal to Munich, June 27, 1970
40 cents Special Delivery fee

2. From July 1, 1971

The aerogramme rate was increased from 10c to 15c.

a) Uprated 10 cent aerogrammes

Destination Netherlands

Destination Tonga

Port Menier, Anticosti Island, to Paris, March 20, 1972
10 cents aerogramme uprated to 15 cents + 50 cents registration fee

b) 15 cent aerogrammes

The Canada Post Office issued 15 cent aerogrammes with new designs.

Destination Bermuda