Friday, June 11, 2010

Centennial Period Domestic Post Card Rates

 Dozens of posts dealing with the Canadian Centennial definitive issue (1967 - 1973) have been published in the nearly four years Postal History Corner has been on-line. Many of the posts will be revamped. The original post dealing with Centennial period domestic post card rates was published on June 11, 2014.

The first Canadian post card was issued on June 1, 1871.

 Port Colborne to Welland, November 16, 1878
1 cent post card rate

From 1871 to  October 31, 1968,  domestic post card rates which were  generally cheaper than the forward letter rate were in effect . On November 1, 1968, the rate for domestic post cards became the same as the letter rate.

There were four post card rate periods during the Centennial era:

To October 31, 1968 : 4 cents

The 4 cents post card rate had been in effect since April 1, 1954

Montreal to Port Hope, September 6, 1967
4 cents post card rate

Montreal to Toronto, June 12, 1968
4 cents post card rate

Dundas to Burlington, October 2, 1968
4 cents post card rate

Maximum Size

The maximum size permitted was 6" by 4". Cards not conforming to the allowed size were treated and taxed as letters.

Banff to London, September 4, 1967
4 cents post card rate
Oversized and rated as a letter at the 5 cent rate
Shortpaid 1 cent and taxed 2 cents

Unpaid or Insufficiently Prepaid Post Cards

Post cards bearing written communications (first class matter) posted unpaid or insufficiently prepaid were forwarded to destination taxed with double the amount of deficiency to be collected on delivery.

British stamp invalid in Canada
Victoria to Ottawa, July 23, 1967
Unpaid and taxed 8 cents, double the deficiency

November 1, 1968 - June 30, 1971 : 6 cents

Effective November 1, 1968, the post card rate was the same as the 1st weight step domestic letter rate.

Calgary Stampede Post Office to West Vancouver, July 5, 1969
6 cents rate

 4 cent postal stationery revalued by the British American Bank Note Company
Weston to Rexdale, May 25 1970

Barrie to Toronto, August 31, 1970
6 cents post card Postal Stationery 

Calgary Heritage Park, August 12, 1970
6 cents rate

Collingwood to Stayner, June 2, 1971
Ontario Hydro meter card

Delhi to Fergus, June 4, 1970
6 cents post card rate + 50 cents registration fee

Unpaid or Insufficiently Prepaid Post Cards

Peterborough to Brigden, October 221, 1970
Shortpaid 1 cent and taxed 2 cents

July 1, 1971 - December 31, 1971 : 7 cents

The post card rate was increased to 7 cents.

Parisville to Montreal, September 24, 1971
7 cents post card rate

Winnipeg, october 22, 1971
7 cents post card postal stationery

Revalued Stationery Divider

Centennial postal stationery was revalued in 1969 because of rate increases (see above). The printers received cut stationery stock which included coloured divider cards. In the process of printing new values on the stationery, dividers could also be printed, without the original stamp of course. The post card below is an interesting usage of such a divider. The sender "uprated" the card to pay the 7 cents rate.

Vancouver local, November 19, 1971

From January 1, 1972 : 8 cents

The post card rate was increased to 8 cents. The 8 cent rate remained in effect until August 31, 1976.

Fort Smith, NWT, to Toronto, September 9, 1972
8 cents rate

Toronto to Delta, February 14, 1973
8 cents rate

Toronto, October 10, 1973 (Returned to sender)
8 cents post card postal stationery

Ontario Hydro Meter Reading Cards

Lisle to Stayner, July 21, 1972