Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wilding Issue:
Winnipeg "Tagged" FDCs

Automation of letter facing and cancelling began in Winnipeg on a trial basis in 1962. The system, called SEFACAN (segragation, facing and cancelling) was developed in Great Britain. The machine detected phosphorescent bars ("tagging") on stamps and mechanically faced letters for cancellation. The system also provided for the separation of local mail from forward mail by tagging the 4 cent local stamp differently from the other denominations.

The tagged stamps were first sold in Winnipeg on January 13, 1962. To mark the occasion, the Winnipeg Post Office used a slogan cancellation, "FIRST DAY OF TAGGED STAMPS IN CANADA":

The Ottawa postmaster applied the " DAY OF ISSUE / JOUR D'EMISSION" cancellation:

The Winnipeg trials led to the automated facing and cancellation used today.

First Day Covers

Kolor Kover


Canada Envelope Company

H & E

Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce

Printed on the back flap

House of Commons