Friday, March 11, 2011

Kapuskasing Souvenir Folder

In the late 1930s or early 1940s, the Kapuskasing Chamber of Commerce sponsored the publication of a "Souvenir Folder" to promote the Model Town of the North. The folder consisted of 10 panels on a 90 cm piece of paper, accordion folded. Both sides of the strip had pictures printed on each panel, with the exception of two text panels. The strip was sandwiched between thick paper covers creating a postcard folder.

Front Cover

Front cover of the Souvenir Folder

The souvenir folder could be mailed at the 1 cent printed matter rate for 2 ounces provided there was not written message.

1 cent printed matter rate

Opened Folder

Opened folder showing three of the ten panels on one side of the strip

Back Cover

Text Panels


Thirteen pictures used were tinted photographs taken by J.P. Dumoulin for black and white postcards. The remaining pictures were provided by the Ontario government.

a) Dumoulin Pictures

"The Sensenbrenner Hospital has the finiest equipment throughout"

"The Kapuskasing Inn Hotel and Community Club"

"Kapuskasing Golf Club"

"A section of Kapuskasing seen from the mill"

"A frosty Kapuskasing morning"

"The mill where high quality newsprint for the New York Times is made"

"Modern Trans-Canada airliners stop daily at Kapuskasing Airport"

"The Kapuskasing Inn hotel, showing part of park"

Kapuskasing Experimental Farm centre of scientific agriculture

"The Community Club recreational centre of the town"

"Lawn bowling amid pleasant surroundings"

"A day's catch of fish at Remi Lake, Ontario"

"A view of Riverside Park and the bay"

Ontario Government Pictures