Saturday, February 12, 2011

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February 12, 2011

1954 Wildlife Series

1962 Trans-Canada Highway

Official Opening of the Trans-Canada Highway

Ceremonial Paving
Prime Minister John Diefenbaker

On September 3, 1962, Prime Minister John Diefenbaker presided over the arrived at Rogers Pass to preside at the official opening of the Trans-Canada Highway at Rogers Pass. The section of pavement through British Columbia's Selkirk Mountains was the final stretch of the highway to be built.

Official Programme

1964 Christmas

Air Division Headquarters, Metz, France, CFPO 109 to Vancouver, January 28, 1965

1967 Expo 67

1968 International Hydrological Decade

Ceylon Stamp

Overseas Mailers

1968 George Brown

"Due to postal strike date of issue revised to August 21, 1968"

1969 Transatlantic Flight

1969 Charlottetown

1969 Stephen Leacock