Friday, February 4, 2011

1947 Royal Wedding
British and Canadian Commemoration

Canada Post has announced that it will be issuing a stamp commemorating the upcoming wedding of Queen Elizabeth's grandson. In 1948, the Canada Post Office issued a commemorative stamp to celebrate Princess Elizabeth's wedding. This article was posted on my Great Britain Philately blog on January 28, 2011.

The wedding of Princess Elizabeth to Philip Mountbatten on November 20, 1947, was commemorated by both British and Canadian Post Offices. Since the wedding announcement was made on July 9, 1947, the British Post Office did not issue a commemorative stamp because there was insufficient time to prepare an issue. Instead, a slogan postmark was made for use from November 20 to the end of November. The Canadian Post Office issued a commemorative stamp for the wedding, but only after the event, in February, 1948.

British Commemoration

The British slogan postmark was designed by R.H. Higgins, draughtsman in the Power Branch office of the Engineering Department of the Post Office. The British Postal Museum and Archive website shows the drawings submitted by Mr. Higgins in August, 1947. The slogan cancellation featured wedding Bells with a lovers’ knot enclosing the letters ‘E’ and ‘P’:

Artcraft cachet

OHMS cover from Cardiff, November 20, 1947

A selection of "Lovers' Knot" covers

Canadian Commemoration

The stamp design was based on a photograph of Princess Elizabeth taken by Dorothy Wilding. The stamp was designed by Herman Schwartz, and the portrait was engraved by William Ford.

Photographic Essay

National Archives of Canada

Approved Model

Approved October 29, 1947

Royal Wedding Stamp

Date of Issue : February 16, 1948

First Day Covers


Domestic Letter

Kingston to Toronto, April 5, 1948

4 cents domestic forward letter rate

Disraeli, Quebec, to Sherbrooke, April 16, 1948

Sherbrooke & Quebec R.P.O.

Toronto Sub. 52 to Tilsonburg, March 9, 1948

4 cents domestic forward letter rate + 10 cents registration fee

Ottawa to Toronto, April 13, 1948

4 cents domestic forward letter rate + 10 cents express fee

Letter to the United States

Vernon to Buffalo, April 10, 1948

4 cents surface letter rate to the United States

UPU surface letter

The UPU surface letter rate was 5 cents.

Calgary to Berlin, May 18, 1948

5 cents UPU surface letter rate

Shortpaid 1 cent

Double deficiency (2 cents) was converted to gold centimes @ 1 cent= 3 gold centimes

Two Canadian tax handstamps

No German taxation markings

International Air Mail

Montreal to Vienna, April 4, 1948

15 cents 1/4 ounce air mail letter rate to Europe

Toronto to Bombay, March 9, 1948

25 cents 1/4 ounce air mail rate to India