Friday, February 4, 2011

1970 Northwest Territories Centennial

The Northwest Territories came into existence in 1870 when control of the North-Western Territory was transferred by the British government and the Hudson's Bay Company sold Rupert's Land to Canada.

Canada prior to the formation of the Northwest Territories:

Canada after the acquisition of North-Western Territory and Rupert's Land (1870):

A reproduction of Inuk artist Kenojuak Ashevak's 1960 print Kenojuak's Enchanted Owl was chosen for use on the Northwest Territories Centennial stamp, issued on January 27, 1970.

Enchanted Owl

Kenojuak Ashevak (b 1927) is among the best-known Inuk artist because of her famous print The Enchanted Owl. She began drawing in the late 1950s producing about 200 prints produced since then. Kenojuak has received many awards, including the Order of Canada (Companion in 1982) and participant in many exhibitions. In 2002 her work was featured in the exhibition Kenojuak Ashevak: To Make Something Beautiful at the National Gallery of Canada. She was awarded a Governor General's Award in Visual and Media Arts in 2008.

Reference: The Canadian Encyclopedia

First Day Covers

Canada Post Office Publicity First Day Cover

Mailed to Jamaica

Enclosed letter

Canada Envelope Company

Overseas Mailers

David Pritchard


Autographed by cachet designer


Cole Cover

The Flintkote Company

Artcarft general purpose cachet

Flintkote Company letter

1970 Royal Visit

Queen Elizabeth, accompanied by Prince Charles and Princess Anne, visited Manitoba and the Northwest Territories in 1970.

Fort Smith, July 6 1970

Bad weather resulted in the cancellation of the visit to Tuktoyaktuk on July 6, 1970

Yellowknife, July 8 1970