Wednesday, February 2, 2011

1970 Manitoba

The province of Manitoba was created in 1870. The Canada Post Office Department issued the Manitoba Centennial commemorative stamp on January 27, 1970.

Post Office Pamphlet

First Day Covers

Autographed by Stamp Designer

The stamp was designed by Canadian artist Kenneth C. Lochhead (1926-2006). Mr. Lochhead exhibited in over three hundred national and international exhibitions and received over 18 major Canadian and international art commissions, including the design for Manitoba's Centennial Stamp.

Kenneth C. Lochhead

Autographed by the Premier of Manitoba

Edward Schreyer enjoyed a successful political career, serving as Premier of Manitoba from 1969-1977. In 1979 he was appointed Governor-General of Canada. As Governor General, he increased public awareness of environmental issues and of the equality of women. He and his wife, Lily, also opened the grounds of Rideau Hall for the enjoyment of the public.
Following his term as Governor General, Mr. Schreyer was appointed High Commissioner to Australia. In recent years, he worked energetically with Habitat for Humanity.

Ed Shreyer

Canada Post Office Publicity First Day Cover

The Manitoba and Northwest Territories stamps were issued on the same day.

Cole (2nd cachet)


Canada Envelope Company


Overseas Mailers

H and  E

David Pritchard

A quantity of the Manitoba stamp were tagged.


Domestic Letter

Toronto, March 4, 1970
6 cents domestic letter rate

Winnipeg to Wetaskiwin, May 7, 1970
Winnipeg "Tag"

Longueil to Toronto, February 28, 1970
6 cents domestic letter rate + 40 cents special delivery fee

Bileski Souvenirs

Kasimir Bileski
( 1908 - 2005) was one of the greatest stamps dealers in Canadian philatelic history. His remarkable story can be found at the Saskatoon Stamp Centre web site.

Bileski created interesting souvenirs for the 1970 Manitoba Centennial stamp: