Monday, February 21, 2011

1970 Alexander MacKenzie

In July 1793, Alexander Mackenzie (1764-1820), fur trader and explorer, was the leader of the first expedition to cross the North American continent from the Atlantic to Pacific north of Mexico.

At the western terminus of his journey point he inscribed "Alex MacKenzie / from Canada / by land / 22d July 1793" on a rock using a reddish paint made of vermilion and bear grease and turned around to return to "Canada".The rock still bears these words which were permanently inscribed later by surveyors:

The Alexander MacKenzie commemorative stamp was issued on June 25, 1970.

National Archives of Canada

First Day Covers

Canada Post Office Publicity First Day Cover

Mailed to the Austrian Philatelist, Vienna, Austria
Insert written in German



Overseas Mailers

Royal Philatelic Society


H & E


To Razaieh, Iran
12 cents UPU surface letter rate


Cole Cover

David Pritchard


Domestic Letter

Toronto local correspondence, July 14, 1970
6 cents domestic letter rate

International Surface Post Card

Toronto to Zagreb, Yugoslavia, August 1970
7 cents UPU surface post card rate

Shortpaid 1 cent and taxed 2/12 :

The Yugoslavian post office charged 0.40 dinar

(The tax fraction system is explained HERE)