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Centennial Definitives
6 cent Black
Communication and Transportation
Booklet Stamps

This article deals with the the British American Bank Note Company 6 cent black definitive booklets issued from 1970 to 1971. BABN printed a $1.50 booklet which contained twenty-five 6 cent stamps (Die I) and a 25c booklet containing a block of four 6 cent stamps (Die II) [THIS ARTICLE discusses the BABN Dies] . The stamps were initially perforated 10 which was surprising given the stamp separation problems experienced with the perforated 10 six cent orange stamps. The later printings were perforated 12.5 x 12.

1. Perforated 10 Booklets

a. $1.50 Die I

"Die I" stamp

House of Commons to Mount Royal, June 24, 1970
6 cents perforated 10 stamp from $1.50 booklet

The only Die I stamps perforated 10 were from the $1.50 booklet

Hi-Brite Paper

The $1.50 booklet stamps were also printed on Hi-brite paper.

6 cents black Die I, perforated 10, Hi-brite paper
Victoria, April 16, 1970

Hi-Brite paper variety

b. 25 cents "Die II"

The 6 cent black 25 cent booklet contained a pane of four 6 cents stamps.

The earlier 6 cent orange 25 cent booklet contained a pane of one 1c stamp and four 6c stamps:

Canada Post Office explained the higher booklet cost on the back cover of the booklet:


Thunder Bay to Oakville August 10, 1970
6 cents Die II perforated 10 stamp from 25 cent booklet

Die II, perforated 10 stamps were only printed in the 25 cent booklet format.

2. Perforated 12.5 x 12 Booklets

a. $ 1.50 Die I

The booklet panes were guillotined on the left and right sides. Side stamp perforations often have a nibbled appearance.

The left side is fully perforated with a small section of the adjacent pane's stamp. The right side is a straight edge.

Kurokoi, Sask., to Toronto, April 14, 1971
12.5 x 12 6 cent black Die II stamp from the $1.50 booklet

Trimmed perforations on left and right border stamps are typically found on the $1.50 booklets. The nibbled appearance of the left perforations of this 12.5 x 12 stamp indicate that it was from the $1.50 booklet.

b. 25 cent booklets Die II

Two gums were used for the 25 cent booklet stamps: dextrine and PVA.

Dextrine gum ( there is wax coating on the inside of the cover)
Back not scanned to avoid damaging the booklet.

There were two covers used for the PVA gum booklets: wax coating and no coating.

PVA gum wax coating inside cover (left) PVA gun no wax coating inside cover (right)

Sudbury to London, April 12, 1971
12.5 x 12 6 cent black Die II stamp from the 25 cent booklet

Die II, perforated12.5 x 12 stamp from the lower left position of the pane of 4 stamps.