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Communication and Transportation
7 cent Denomination
Centennial Definitives

On July 1, 1971, the domestic letter increased from 6 cents to 7 cents for the first ounce. The 7 cent Transportation and Communication definitive stamp, printed by the British American Bank Note Company, was issued on June 30, 1971. The 7 cent rate was only in effect for 6 months. On January 1, 1972, the domestic letter rate was increased to 8 cents.

Canada Post Office Information Booklet

The article is organized as follows:

1. Sheet Stamps
2. Coil Stamp
3. Booklets
4. Stationery

1. Sheet Stamps
Two cylinders consisting of six panes of 100 stamps each were made.

Cylinder 1

Cylinder 2

First Day Covers


Commercial Mail, Hamilton, July 1, 1971
First day of 7 cents domestic letter rate

Birch Hills Credit Union Ltd., Birch Hills to London, November 1, 1971

World's Products Distributors Ltd., Botwood to Montreal, October 20, 1971

Greely to Toronto, September 27, 1971
7 cents domestic letter rate + 50 cents registration fee

Acknowledgment of Receipt

Registered mail sent from Drumheller, September 23, 1971
Receipt acknowledged at Rosedale, September 29, 1971
15 cents AR fee

Surface Rate to the United States

Surrey to St. Petersburg, July 12, 1971
7 cents surface (letter or post card) rate to the United States

Downsview to New York, July 27, 1971
7 cents surface rate to the United States

Winnipeg Tag

The 7 cent stamp was issued with two phosphorescent bars.

2-bar tagging

2. Coils

First Day Cover

The coil stamp was issued on June 30, 1971


Blythe to Montreal, November 2, 1971
7 cents coil paying the domestic letter rate

3. Booklets

Three booklet denominations were issued for the 7 cent issue : 25 cents, $1.00, and 50 cents (experimental).

a)25 cent Booklet

The 25 cent booklet contained a pane of 5 stamps , with a face value of 25 cents, consisting of one 1 cent stamp, one 3 cent stamp, and three seven cent stamps.

The $1.00 booklet also contains a pane with 1 cent, 3 cent and 7 cent stamps. The only stamps which can be positively identified as coming from the 25 cent pane are the 1 cent and 3 cent stamps to which are attached the advertising label, and the 7 cent stamp to which either the 3 cent or 1 cent stamps are attached.

The booklet was issued on June 30, 1971

b)$1.00 Booklet

The $1.00 cent booklet contained a pane of 20 stamps , with a face value of $1.00, consisting of four 1 cent stamp, four 3 cent stamp, and twelve seven cent stamps.

7 cent stamps from the $1.00 booklet:
  • straight-edge left (only from the $1.00 booklet)
  • straight-edge left and bottom
  • straight-edge right and bottom
  • straight edge right
  • straight edge left with 3 cent above (only from the $1.00 booklet)
1 cent stamps from the $1.00 cent booklet:
  • straight-edge right
  • straight-edge left (only from the $1.00 booklet)
  • straight edge left with 3 cent below (only from the $1.00 booklet)
3 cent stamps from the 25 cent booklet:
  • straight-edge left
  • straight-edge right (only from the $1.00 booklet)

From the $1.00 booklet pane:

Ebenezer to Toronto, November 23, 1971
1 cent and 3 cent stamps se-tenant

A combination only found from the $1.00 booklet

Dorchester to Toronto, December 6, 1971
7 cent left straight-edge, perforated three sides

This 7 cent stamp could only come from the $1.00 booklet

From the 25 cent or $1.00 booklet pane

This 7 cent stamp could have come from the 25 cent or 50 cent pane.

Victoria,September 17, 1971

Probably from 25 cent booklets
1 cent straight edge right
3 cent stamps straight edge left

c)50 cent Experimental Booklet

Issued only in Toronto, the 50 cent booklet was created from the 25 cent booklet, wherein a pane was added inside the booklet. The added pane overlapped the original pane.

Interior of the 50 cent experimental booklet
Added pane overlaps the original pane


Printed labels indicating the number and denominations of the stamps, and the price of the booklet (50 cents) were affixed over the original label. Two label types, large and small, were produced.

Small label

Large label

4. Stationery

a) Regular

Letter Size (no.8)
Burgeo to Port Burwell, September 1, 1971

Business (No. 10)
Mildmay to Toronto, September 28, 1971
7 cents domestic letter rate + 50 cents registration fee

Post Card
Winnipeg, October 22, 1971

b) Private Order Stationery

CN Express Freight Advice (Double Height)

Ontario Hydro