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1969 Christmas

The 1969 Christmas stamps consisting of 5 cent and 6 cent denominations were issued on October 8, 1969, in sheet format, Winnipeg tagged and untagged. The 5 cent stamp was also issued in booklet panes of 10, tagged and untagged.

Canada Post Office Publicity first day cover

Canada Post Office's Stamp Press Release described the stamps as follows:
In making special Christmas stamps available for the prepayment of postage during the festive season the Canada Post office follows a practice established as an annual tradition in 1964. The 1969 issues, first Canadian Christmas stamps produced in full colour, provide recognition of the multi-racial structure of nation's population. The wondrous spirit of Christmas is exemplified in the upraised faces of children of several racial origins, eyes agleam with a brilliant light reflecting the mystic beauty and solemnity of the season. An enrichment of Canada's national life through it's multi-racial nature is rarely more evident that at Christmas when time honoured customs blend in the harmonious joy of the season. The uplifting spirit of Christmas, superficially obscured by an ever increasing commercialism, remains as an inner human personification of the traditional "Peace on Earth, Goodwill to all Men", a period in which even hard-pressed and harassed retail sales staffs exude a particular warmth and friendliness.


Winnipeg Tag- One bar

Winnipeg Tag
Sheet Stamps

Wpg Tag-One bar

Winnipeg Tag - 2 bar

Commissioned Art (1968 or 1969)

National Archives of Canada

First Day Covers


Canada Envelope Company

Overseas Mailers

H  and E

David Pritchard


Kingswood (Fleetwood)

Kolor Kover



Cole Cover

Winnipeg tag


Domestic Letter

Toronto local letter, October 21, 1969
6 cents domestic letter rate

Toronto local registered letter, December 16, 1969
6 cents domestic letter rate + 50 cents registration fee

Printed Matter (Unsealed Christmas Card) to the United States

Montreal to Black River, N.Y., December 11, 1969
5 cents printed matter rate to the United States

Preferential Surface Letter Rate to Great Britain

Hamilton to Maldon, England, November 28, 1969
6 cents preferential surface letter rate to Great Britain

International Air Mail Letter

Montreal to Edinburgh, December 6, 1969
15 cents air mail letter rate to Great Britain