Friday, January 28, 2011

1969 Stephen Leacock

Stephen Leacock (1869-1944) was a humorist, essayist, teacher, political scientist, and historian. He was the English-speaking world's best-known humorist, 1915-25.

Canada Post honoured the centennial of Leacock's birth with a commemorative stamp issued November 12, 1969.

National Archives of Canada

First Day Covers

Leacock Summer House - Orillia Slogan

Leacock had a summer house in Orillia, Ontario, which is now a National Historic Site. Leacock created the fictional Canadian town of Mariposa as the setting for a series of short stories published in one volume as Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town. Although Leacock publicly denied it, the town was closely modelled on the town of Orillia and its inhabitants.


Orillia, November 12, 1969

Canada Post Office Publicity First Day Cover

Mailed to St. Thomas, Jamaica

Postmaster, Ottawa, Replacement Cover

Replacement cover mailed to Pfaffenhofen, West Germany

Replacement cover insert


Canada Envelope Company


Overseas Mailers

Overseas Mailers insert

H and E

David M. Pritchard


Autographed by cachet designer



The McGill Fund Council


Domestic Letter

Toronto local, December 9, 1969
6 cents domestic letter rate

 Ste-Anne-de-Beloeil to Maldon, England, November 28, 1969
6 cents preferential surface letter rate to Great Britain