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Edward VII Domestic Rates
1903 -1911
Edward VII was King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and of the British Dominions and Emperor of India from January 22, 1901 to May 6, 1910. Canada issued its King Edward VII definitive stamps on July 1, 1903. The basic domestic rates of the Edwardian period are reviewed in this post.

1. Letter

a) Forward
The forward (out-of-town) rate was 2 cents for each ounce.

Welland to Hamilton, April 9, 1906
2 cents forward letter rate

Saint John to Moncton, August 6, 1905
2 cents forward letter rate

Barrie to Hamilton, March 28, 1905

Toronto & North Bay R.P.O. postmark

St. John to Moncton, July 17, 1905
4 cents paying the 2 ounce forward letter rate

Brougham to Toronto, March 17, 1908
4 cents two ounce letter rate
Shortpaid and taxed 2 cents, double the deficiency
b) Local (Drop) Letter

i) To August 7, 1908

There were two drop letter rates in effect. The rate was 1 cent for each ounce if there was no carrier delivery and 2 cents for each ounce where letter carrier delivery was provided.

Non-Carrier Rate

Moncton, local letter, January 20, 1906

1 cent paying the one ounce non-carrier drop rate

Carrier Rate

Hamilton drop letter, February 27, 1906
2 cents paying the one ounce carrier letter rate

ii) From August 8, 1908

A single drop letter rate of 1 cent for each ounce was introduced on August 8, 1908.

Montreal drop letter, December 29, 1908

1 cent uniform drop letter rate

2. Post Card

The post card rate was 1 cent.

Ottawa to Joliette, November 3, 1908 1 cent post card rate

Ottawa to New Edinburgh

Mailed without postage


Stamp affixed and card postmarked Ottawa, January 2, 1908
Ottawa "Crown" Cancellation applied to the stamp

The Ottawa "Crown" cancellation had been in use since 1880.

Muskoka Free Hospitals for Consumptives Seals

Christmas-New Year 1908-1909

Atwood local mailing, December 22, 1908

Christmas-New Year 1909 - 1910

Paris local mailing, December 25, 1909

3. Printed Matter

The printed matter rate was 1 cent for each 2 ounces.

Halifax to Stewiacke (undated Halifax cancellation)
Lower Stewiacke receiver, January 26, 1911

Mourning cover to Cayuaga, St. Mary & London R.P.O. October 19, 1908
1 cent printed matter rate


Toronto to Arthur
Arthur receiver November 6, 1903

The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto to Athens
"Toronto" precancel
Athens receiver December 15, 1904

The Johnson Richardson Co. Limited, Montreal to Crookston,
Advertising post card with printed date November 13, 1910
"Montreal" precancel

Selkirk Fence Co., Hamilton to Empey
"Hamilton" precancel
Empey receiver February 10, 1911

4. Special Services

a) Registration

The registration fee was 5 cents.

Petrolia to London, December 11, 1905
7 cents paying 2 cents forward letter rate + 5 cents registration fee

b) Insurance

The insurance of registered letters was introduced on March 28, 1904. The insurance fee as well as postage and the registration fee had to be fully prepaid. The charge for insurance was abolished on April 7, 1909.

Todfield, Alberta to Strathcona, December 8, 1906
Registered letter, insured for $25, the maximum compensation

Postage.................2 cents
Registration.........5 cents
Insurance............ 6 cents
Total.....................13 cents

c) Special Delivery

The special delivery fee was 10 cents.

Ottawa to Montreal, October 8, 1906

Field Post Office, Canada Militia, Niagara Camp, Ontario to Toronto, June 18, 1911
2 cents forward letter rate + 10 cents special delivery fee

Niagara Camp postmark