Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Military Post Offices In Canada:
RCAF Station Name Changes 1966-67

R.C.A.F Station post offices in Canada were identified using the station name in the cancellations.
The Bagotville, P.Q. station post mark shown below is typical of the markings used at RCAF stations during the Elizabethan period prior to 1966-67 :

Prior to the unification of the armed forces in 1968, all RCAF station post office were given civilian names. Most stations had their names changed in 1966. The military units were referred to as Canadian Forces Base (CFB) or Canadian Forces Station (CFS).

RCAF Station Bagotville was given the civilian name Alouette on February 1, 1967:

The military unit was referred to as CFB Bagotville.

The chart below lists the name changes which occurred in the 1966-67 period:

Adastral Park, Ont., July 21, 1966 (RCAF Station Clinton)

Alouette, Quebec, February 1, 1967 (RCAF Station Bagotville)

Anderson Park, Ontario, January 11, 1967 (RCAF Station Borden)

Anderson Park to RCAF Greenwood, October 22, 1967
(Greenwood Credit Union Ltd. return envelope)

Anderson Park, August 28, 1969

Astra, Ontario, October 1, 1966 (RCAF Station Trenton)

Bushell Park, Sask., October 21, 1966 (RCAF Station Moose Jaw)

Curtis Park, New Brunswick, October 1, 1966 (RCAF Station Chatham)

Ecowi, Que., January 11, 1967 (RCAF Station La Macaza)
Not shown

Greenwood, N.S., October 21, 1966 (RCAF Station Greenwood) Not shown

Hillcrest, Yukon, October 1, 1966 (RCAF Station Whitehorse) Not shown

Hornell Heights, Ontario, November 1, 1966 (RCAF Station North Bay)

Huron Park, Ontario, November 1, 1966 (RCAF Station Centralia)

James Park, N.B., October 1, 1966 (RCAF Station St. Margarets)

Lac St. Denis, Que., October 1, 1966 (RCAF Station Lac St. Denis)

Lazo, B.C., October 1, 1966 (RCAF Station Comox)

Mont Apica, Que., July 21, 1966 (RCAF Station Mont Apica)

Mont Apica to Fort Worth, February 21, 1969
10 cents air mail letter rate to the United States

Muskwa, Man., October 21, 1966 (RCAF Station Beausejour) Not shown

Mynarski Park, Alberta, December 1, 1966 (RCAF Station Penhold)

Nottaway, Que., January 11, 1967 (RCAF Station Senneterre) Not shown
Pineimuta, Man., October 1, 1966 (RCAF Station Gypsumville)
Not shown

Richelain, Que., January 11, 1967 (RCAF Station St. Jean) Not shown

Ridgeview, Ont., October 1, 1966 (RCAF Station Falconbridge) Not shown

Sage Hill, Sask., October 1, 1966 (RCAF Station Dana)

Sam Lake, Ont., October 1, 9166 (RCAF Station Sioux Lookout
) Not shown

San Josef, B.C., October 1, 1966 (RCAF Station Holberg)

Sasakipao, Ont., October 1, 1966 (RCAF Station Moosonee)

Slemon Park, P.E.I., December 11, 1966 (RCAF Station Summerside)

Stone Horse, N.S., January 11, 1967 (RCAF Station Barrington) Not Shown

Trumpeter, Alberta, November 1, 1966 (RCAF Station Beaverlodge) Not Shown

White Spruce, Sask., October 1, 1966 (RCAF Station Yorkton)