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1961 Arthur Meighen

Arthur Meighen (1874-1960) was the ninth Prime Minister of Canada from July 10 to December 29, 1921 replacing Prime Minister Robert Borden who had resigned. From 1921 to 1926 he was the opposition leader. He was asked to form a government by Governor General Byng when the Liberal Prime Minister Mackenzie King lost the confidence of the house. Meighen's second term was brief, from June 29 to September 25, 1926. His Conservative government lost the confidence of the House by one vote. Byng called an election and Meighen was swept from power and replaced by Mackenzie King.

National Archives of Canada 
 National Film Board drawing  used by stamp designer Harvey Prosser as the model for the Meighen stamp.

Prosser Essay

National Archives of Canada

Issued Stamp

The Arthur Meighen stamp was issued on April 19, 1961.

First Day Covers


Domestic Forward Letter

Vankleek Hill to Ottawa, June 24, 1961
5 cents domestic forward letter rate

UPU Surface Letter

Copper Cliff to Ledbersdorf, Austria, May 1 1961
6 cents UPU surface letter rate

Shortpaid 1 cent and taxed 10 centimes

The Austrian post office opened and resealed the letter:

The letter was not claimed and was returned to the sender:

Returned from Ledbersdorf, May 31, 1961

Non Reclame label

Canadian Undeliverable Mail Office

Undeliverable mail with return addresses from such destinations as Austria were not returned directly to the sender but were handled by the Undeliverable Mail Office. Each item of returned mail was charged 5 cents.

Montreal Undeliverable Mail Office handstamp
No. 17, June 17, 1961


A 5 cent charge handstamp was applied but the denomination was changed to 7 cents "07"
The additional 2 cents was the charge for the original amount that was shortpaid.