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1962 Jean Talon

Jean Talon (1626 – 1694) was a French colonial administrator who was the first and most highly regarded Intendant of New Frances under King Louis XIV. As the first intendant to arrive in New France, his mission was to boost the growth and prosperity of the remote colony by making it self-sufficient. The most innovative idea instituted by Talon was bringing unmarried women, "filles du roi" to New France. Between 1663 and 1673, 700-900 filles du roi emigrated to New France to marry and bear children.

The Jean Talon stamp, designed by Philip Weiss, was issued on June 13, 1962.


National Archives of Canada

Based on an excerpt from
the writings of a young
officer of Talon's time,
Baron of Lamontan, ten
or fifteen years after
the immigration.
..."The Governor-General
received upon the married
couple a bull, a cow, a hog,
a sow, a cock, a hen, two
barrels of salt meat and
eleven crowns"

National Archives of Canada

Colour Trials

National Archives of Canada

National Archives of Canada

First Day Covers

Ayerst Laboratories advertising first day cover

Return address

The London Assurance


Domestic Letter

Hamilton to Stratford, May 2, 1962
5 cents forward letter rate + 10 cents special delivery fee

Kentville local letter, July 6, 1962
4 cents local letter rate + 20 cents registration fee ( 1 cent convenience overpayment)

Domestic Acknowledgment of Receipt

Registered item sent from Victoria to Terrace, June 28, 1962
Receipt acknowledged on July 3, 1962
10 cents acknowledgment of receipt fee

Surface Letter to the United States

Guelph to Bloomfield, N.J., July 9, 1962
5 cents surface letter rate to the United States

International Air Mail

RCAF Station St. Hubert, Ont., to Belfast, Northern Ireland, June 15, 1962
15 cents air mail letter rate to the United Kingdom

Grove Park Lodge, Ont. (Seasonal Office) to Berlin, June 15 (no year in cancellation)
15 cents air mail rate to Europe