Tuesday, September 28, 2010

1963 Sir Martin Frobisher

Sir Martin (1539 – 1594) Frobisher was an English seaman who made three voyages to find the Northwest Passage. All landed in northeastern Canada, around today's Resolution Island and Frobisher Bay.

The Frobisher commemorative stamp, designed by Philip Weiss was issued on August 21, 1963. Mr. Weiss based his image of Frobisher on a 1577 painting by Cornelis Ketel.

Approved Model

First Day Covers

Canada Post Office Announcement Cover

Canadian Post Office first day cover. The CPO used "Rosecraft" envelopes to announce the release of the Frobisher stamp. This announcement was mailed to Poland.


Domestic Forward Letter

Port Alberni to Guelph, September 7, 1963
5 cents forward letter rate + 20 cents registration fee

International Air Mail

Toronto to Digby, England, September 4, 1963
15 cents air mail letter rate