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1967 Expo 67 Commemorative Stamp

The 1967 World Exhibition (Expo67) was the centerpiece of Canada's Centennial celebration. In an earlier post I provided a detailed philatelic account of Expo. This post focuses on the commemorative stamp issued by Canada Post Office on April 28, 1967.

Queen's Printer Post Card Reproduction of Commemorative Stamp Showing the Canadian Pavilion - Katimavik

Presentation of Expo Lands to World Exhibition Corporation : June 30, 1964

Invitation for the presentation of lands to the World Exhibition Corporation

Inauguration : April 27, 1967

The official inauguration of Expo67 was held on April 27, 1967. Expo was open to the general public the following day.

Cyril Kennedy was the Federal Member of Parliament for the Nova Scotia riding of Colchester-Hants

Inauguration of Expo67, April 27, 1967

Pierre Dupuy

 In 1963, Canadian diplomat Pierre Dupuy was named Commissioner-General of Expo 67. He was successful in attracting the largest number of foreign nations to participate at a World's Fair to that time.

 Pierre Dupuy at the opening of Expo 67

Pierre Dupuy autograph on Expo 67 first day cover

Stamp Essays

National Archives of Canada

National Archives of Canada

National Archives of CanadaAccepted Design

National Archives of Canada
Designed by Harvey Prosser

First Day Covers

Canada Post Office Publicity First Day Cover

The Post Office Centennial year FDC replacement cover was used to mail information about the Expo stamps to VIPs in foreign countries (excluding the U.S.). This cover was sent to Brussels.

A hand addressed cover to the Director General, Postal Administration, Brussels, Belgium.
A Centennial commemorative stamp was added and cancelled with the Expo 67 circular date stamp.

Enclosed in the first day cover was a post card of the Canadian Pavillion:

"A few nice stamps and a warm greeting from Montreal"

Overseas Mailers

Overseas Mailers insert

Shering Corporation

Sarzin metallic cachet

David M. Pritchard


H & E

International Scout Centre


Canadian Bank Note Company, Limited

Queen's Printer Post Card

Expo 67-2, No.10

Closing Day


Domestic Forward Letter

Goderich to London, May 29, 1967
5 cents forward letter rate

Postage Due Usage

Prince Albert to Clinton, May 5, 1967
Unpaid forward letter taxed 10 cents (double the deficiency)
Expo 67 commemorative stamps paid the postage due, Clinton May 8, 1967

Surface Letter to the U.S.

Brandon to Seaford, N.Y., May 8 1967
5 cents surface letter rate to the U.S.

International Air Mail

Expo to Taiwan, Formosa, June 23, 1967
10 cents air mail post card rate

German pavilion at Expo 67