Monday, November 8, 2010

1966 Newfoundland Floral Emblem

Newfoundland, a former colony and dominion of the United Kingdom, became the tenth province to enter the Canadian Confederation on March 31, 1949, following a public referendum on the issue.

The Newfoundland floral emblem stamp was issued on February 23, 1966.

The insect-eating pitcher plant (Sarracenia purpurea L.), adopted as Newfoundland and Labrador's floral emblem in 1954, is the most unusual of Canada's official flowers. It was first chosen as a symbol of Newfoundland by Queen Victoria, to be engraved on the newly-minted Newfoundland penny. It was used on the island's coinage until 1938.

First Day Covers


Overseas Mailers

Schering Corporation

Canadian Bank Note Company


Domestic Forward Letter

Swift Current to Hamilton, March 11, 1966
5 cents forward letter rate

Hamilton to Toronto, March 3, 1966
5 cents forward letter rate + 35 cents registration fee