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World Refugee Year : 1959 -1960

 The United Nations General Assembly approved a resolution on December 5, 1958  establishing World Refugee Year (WRY) whose aims were:
  • to focus interest on the refugee problem and to encourage additional financial contributions from Governments, voluntary agencies and the general public for its solution
  • to encourage additional opportunities for permanent refugee solutions, through voluntary repatriation, resettlement or integration, on a purely humanitarian basis and in accordance with the freely expressed wishes of the refugees themselves.
States members of the United Nations and members of the specialised agencies were urged  to co-operate, in accordance with the national wishes and needs of each country and from a humanitarian point of view, in promoting a WRY as a practical means of securing increased assistance for refugees throughout the world.

WRY was launched on June 28, 1959 and over 70 nations issued stamps to promote WRY. Although Canada did not issue WRY stamps, several post offices were provided with WRY slogan cancellations.This post shows the Canadian slogan as well as stamps from a few of the participating countries.


English Slogan

Halifax, June 10, 1960

French Slogan

Montreal, June 28, 1960


Great Britain

A slogan cancellation was provided to several post offices.

Herm Island

Herm Island local stamps were overprinted:

1959 - 60

Guernsey, June 28, 1960

United Nations


Dargis Velvetone Cachets

Overseas Mailers

World Refugee Day Slogan


A peaceful scene of a Manila Bay sunset from a painting by artist Ben Alano (1922-1991) was the model for the stamps printed by the Government Printing Bureau of Japan.

 Sunset, Manila Bay-Ben Alano

An uprooted oak tree , the symbol of WRY is seen in the lower left corner of the stamps.

First Day of Issue Cancellation

The WRY symbol is included in the first day of issue cancellation.

First Day Covers


Overseas Mailers