Wednesday, October 9, 2013

1954 6 cent Elizabeth Wilding Definitive

The 6 cent denomination of the Queen Elizabeth definitive based on a photograph by Dorothy Wilding was issued on June 10, 1954 along with the 1c, 2c, 3c, and 4c denominations. The 5c stamp had been issued earlier on April 1, 1954. This post features digitized production images posted on  the National Archives of Canada web site, first day covers, and examples of the 6 cent stamps on commercial mail.

From the Archives

 Text on the Item: 15 Brown Approved for denominations/ L.J. Mills/ [handstamp] DIRECTOR OF FINANCIALSERVICES/ 29 March 1954

Text on the Item: Approved LJ Mills Director of Financial Services [stamp] 6 April 1954. #75 red.

Text on the Item: Approved LJ Mills Director of Financial Services [stamp] 6 April 1954. 75 red Apr 7/54 [initials]. [initials within company handstamp dated Apr 6 1954].

It is interesting to note that the approved colour is "75 Red" which looks like orange.

Text on the Item: Approved LJ Mills Director of Financial Services [stamp] 11 May 1954. Canadian Bank Note Co., Limited / Ottawa No. 1 No. 1 665

Envelope with affixed 1¢,2¢,3¢,4¢,6¢-1962 Queen Elizabeth Wilding Portrait series - cancel on front only. Denominations: The FDC includes stamps of 1 cent [x 1], 2 cents [x 1], 3 cents [x 1], 4 cents [x 1], 6 cents [x 1]. Cachet - commemorating the Wilding Portrait stamps of Queen Elizabeth II.

First Day Covers

6c Denomination on Cover

1. Domestic

 2nd Weight Step Local Letter

The greater than 1 oz., equal to or less than 2 oz., local letter rate was 6 cents.

 Montreal local 2nd weigh step letter, March 2, 1956
4 cents for the 1st ounce and 2 cents for the next ounce.

Used to Pay Postage Due

Qualicum Beach to Parville, February 17, 1958
8 cents forward letter rate for up to 2 oz.
Shortpaid 3 cents and taxed 6 cents, double the deficiency

 Qualicum Beach Money Order Office Number handstamp, February 18, 1958

Local Registered Letter

 Montreal local registered letter, April 12 1955

24 cents paying 20 cents registration fee + 4 cents local letter rate

2. United States

5th Weight Step Surface Letter (Up to 5 oz.)

The surface letter rate to the United States was 5 cents for the first ounce and 3 cents for each additional ounce.

 Sarnia to Fairhaven, Mass. 

17 cent paying the 5 oz. surface letter rate : 5 cents first ounce + 12 cents for the next four oz.

Airmail Special Delivery Letter

 Alliston to New Smyrma Beach, Fla., December 21, 1961
7 cents air mail letter rate + 10 cent special delivery fee

Registered 3rd Weight Step Letter

Montreal to Hollywood, Calif.,  June 25, 1955
31 cents paying the up to 3 oz. letter rate + registration fee

3. International

U.P.U. surface letter rate

On April 1, 1954, the surface letter rate to destinations for which the UPU rate (non-preferential) applied was increased from 5 cents to 6 cents. This was the principal usage for which the 6 cent denomination was issued.

 Winnipeg to Bad Ems, November 26, 1954
6 cents UPU surface letter rate

 Vancouver to Vienna, December 19, 1956
6 cents UPU surface letter rate

Montreal to Basel, Switzerland, November 24, 1958
6 cents UPU surfacle letter rate

Sudbury to Helsinki, Finland, November 12, 1959
6 cents UPU surface letter rate + 20 cents registration fee

International Air Mail

To Europe

The airmail letter rate for 1/2 oz. was 15 cents.

 Thunder Bay to Frankfurt, January 4, 1956
15 cents air mail letter rate to Europe

 Toronto to the U.S.S.R., MArch 6, 1961
15 cents air mail letter rate to Europe

To Africa

The air mail letter rate to Africa was 25 cents for each 1/2 oz.

Quebec to Koulaba, French Sudanm October 15, 1955
25 cents air mail letter rate to Africa