Saturday, October 26, 2013

In-Period Mixed Definitive Stamp Issue Franking

The cover below illustrates the eclectic franking which is often encountered on 1980s covers. Traditionally, mixed frankings are not appreciated as much as single usages but collectors of the late 20th century period accept that beyond basic letter rates, covers will have lots of different stamps. The challenge is to find covers on which all the stamps are in-period.

 Jonquiere to Quebec , April 13,1989
$2.21 paying the 38 cents letter rate + $1.83 special delivery fee

Out-of- Period Discounted Postage Covers

The above cover should not be confused with covers franked with out-of-period discounted stamps. Since Canadian stamps dating back to the 1950s are so plentiful they can be purchased in quantity for less than face value. Stamp and postal history dealers are the most prolific users of discounted postage stamps. It is unusual to see current stamps on mail sent by vendors. The use of discounted postage has made it more challenging for collectors to obtain rate covers with in-period stamps.

The following covers with out-of-period stamps are not in the author's collection: