Tuesday, April 26, 2011

1972 Christmas

Candles photographed by Ray Webber of Toronto were reproduced on the postage stamps issued for Christmas 1972. According to the Canada Post Office press release, "the pure bright flame of the candles reproduced on the Christmas stamps can bring serenity and hope to anyone who has joy in his soul. "

The stamps were issued on November 1, 1972 untagged, Winnipeg tagged, and General tagged sheets.

6c and 8c stamps

According to the Post Office, the design of the 6¢ and 8¢ stamps could symbolize Man at the centre of the earth and the four cardinal points.

10c and 15c stamps

The six candles on the 10¢ stamp could represent constellations. As for the 15¢ stamp, the candles could stand for the planets, or the universe and the days of creation, or the seven defenders of Christianity: Saint George of England, Saint Denis of France, Saint Andrew of Scotland, Saint David of Wales, Saint Patrick of Ireland, Saint James of Spain and Saint Anthony of Italy. Some may decide that the two boxes, and brass vase represent the gifts of the Wise Men to the Child, that the porcelain containers suggest purity by their whiteness or that the pine boughs symbolize life and spring.

First Day Covers

Canada Post Office Publicity First Day Cover

To Lisbon, Portugal (8 cents international printed matter rate)
Mosdossy Cachet

Shering Corporation

Canada Envelope Company


The Royal Canadian Army Chaplain Corps


Canada Post Office Official First Day Covers


David Pritchard


Domestic Printed Matter

Winnipeg to Chatham, December 11, 1972
6 cents printed matter rate
Winnipeg tag

Toronto to Montreal, December 10, 1972
Untagged stamp paying the 6 cents printed matter rate

The letter was undeliverable and returned. The charge was 6 cents, the printed matter rate.


The charred cover below from Midland (December 18, 1972) to Scarborough was damaged in transit according to the Scarborough post office handstamp.

Domestic Letter

Huron Park to Toronto, November 7, 1972
8 cents domestic letter rate
Franked with an untagged stamp

Winnipeg to London, November 23, 1972
8 cents domestic letter rate
Franked with a Winnipeg tagged stamp

Ottawa to London, December 14, 1972
8 cents domestic letter rate
Franked with a General tagged stamp

Domestic Registration

Bancroft to Mississauga, December 9, 1972
$1.30 paying 20 cents letter rate (2-4 oz.) + $1.10 registration fee for $200 indemnity

Domestic Acknowledgment of Receipt

The AR fee at time of mailing was 15 cents.

Registered mail from Prince George to a Prince George address, January 3, 1973
Acknowledged January 4, 1973

Air Mail to the United States

Vancouver to Grand Rapids, December 5, 1972
10 cents air mail letter rate to the United States

International Surface Printed Matter

The first weight international surface printed matter rate was 8 cents.

Montreal to Fidenza, Italy, November 22, 1972
8 cents international surface printed matter rate

International Printed Matter Air Mail

The first weight international printed matter rate (Other Articles) was 12 cents.

Toronto to Delhi, India, December 13, 1972
12 cents "Other Articles" rate

International Air Mail Letter

Victoria to London, England, November 18, 1972
15 cents international air mail letter rate