Thursday, October 7, 2010

1964 Quebec Conference

The Quebec Conference ,the second meeting held in 1864 to discuss Canadian Confederation, began on October 9, 1864. There was a major disagreement between those who favoured a strong federal government (Canada West) and those who argued for provincial rights (Canada East and the Maritimes). The delegates agreed to divide powers between federal and provincial governments. They also decided to have an elected lower house, the House of Commons and an appointed upper house, the Senate.

Quebec Conference delegates

The conference ended on October 27, and the delegates returned to their provinces to submit the Conference resolutions to their provincial legislatures.

The Canada Post Office issued the Quebec Conference stamp on September 9, 1964.


National Archives of Canada

National Archives of Canada
Issued Stamp

Designer: Ephrum Philip Weiss

National Archives of Canada

First Day Covers

Jackson/ Chickering

Overseas Mailers

Canada Post Office Announcement Cover

All-purpose Rosecraft envelope used to mail the announcement to Portugal

Kolor Kover


Domestic Forward Letter

Allan Bedding, Toronto to Londesborough, Ontario, November 5, 1964
5 cents forward letter rate

RCAF Station Holberg to Vancouver, September 11, 1964