Friday, September 20, 2013

20 Cent International Letter Rate Period 1976

From January  1, 1976 to  December 31, 1976, the international letter rates were as follows:

The post card rate was 20 cents, the same as the 1st weight step letter rate.

1st Weight Step Letter

Ville-de-Laval to Niederschach, Germany, November 26, 1976
20 cents international letter rate

 Weston to London, February 3, 1976
20 cents international letter rate

Lindsay to Berlin, DDR, July 3, 1976
20 cents international rate

 Sometimes a sender does not know what the correct rate is or simply chooses to affix more stamps than required.  The next  letter  mailed from Toronto to Germany on November 9, 1976 may be an example of a correctly franked letter or an incorrectly overpaid letter.  The sender (Bernd Jerger) was a visitor to Canada writing on Royal York Hotel (Toronto) stationery and affixed a complete pane of the 50 cent caricature booklet pane (in two parts) on the envelope.

Toronto to Niederschach, Germany, November 9, 1976

50 cents was the correct franking for the 3rd weight step, i.e. greater than 2 oz. and less than 4 oz. The manner in which the envelope was opened suggests that the contents were thick enough to account for  3rd weight  step franking, and even if it is an overpayment it is a nice example of a complete 50 cent booklet pane on cover, albeit in two parts.

50 cent booklet pane 

Stamps affixed to the cover

Insufficiently Paid

The Vienna system of taxing unpaid or underpaid international mail, in place since 1966, was revised at the 17th Universal Postal Union Conference held in 1974 at  Lausanne, Switzerland. The taxation change came into effect on January 1, 1976.

The country of origin's T fraction was changed to SINGLE the amount of the underpayment over the country of origin's international letter rate. The country of delivery still multiplied the fraction by its international letter rate but added a HANDLING CHARGE of 60 gold centimes* at most or the charges prescribed by internal legislation. [Article 21 (f) UPU Regulations]

Bridgewater to Birmingham, February 24, 1976
20 cents letter rate (Shortpaid 4 cents)
Canadian Tax Fraction : 4/20
British Charge : 13p

Canada Tax Fraction

Great Britain Charge


Military Mail

The letter rate from Canadian forces stationed overseas was 20 cents. The cover below was mailed from CFPO 5001 Cyprus to CFB Borden, October 6, 1976. The sender was Javier Perez de Cuellar, United Nations Representative of the Secretary General. De Cuellar went on to become UN Secretary-General from  1982 to 1991.

CFPO 5001 Cyprus to Borden, October 6, 1976

Registration Fee

The registration fee was 75 cents from January 1, 1976 to March 31, 1977.

Downsview to Munich, May 14, 1976
95 cents paying the 20 cents letter rate + 75 cents registration fee