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Montreal Olympic Games Logo Stamps
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Montreal hosted the 1976 summer Olympics. From 1973 to 1976, Canada Post Office issued 22 stamps to publicize the Montreal games. The first set of stamps consisted of 8 cent and 15 cent denominations issued on September 20, 1973 featuring the Montreal Olympic logo. The Post Office press release provided the following description and analysis of the logo:
The specially designed Montreal logo features five interlaced rings crowned with a symbolic "m". The foundation evokes the pervading olympic spirit of universal brotherhood while the "m" signifies the three tiered winners' podium symbolizing the glory of the winner and the chivalrous spirit of a well contested victory. If one takes the "m" to represent Montreal he is also aware of the honour which the International Olympic Committee's choice has bestowed on the host city and country. In another interpretation at the center of the logo one can discern the track of the Olympic stadium where spectator and competitor are united in the spirit of the games.

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