Saturday, March 8, 2014

2012 Wlidlife Domestic Lettermail Stationery

In 2012, Canada Post Corporation (CPC) issued a little publicized set of  nine "Permanent", non-denominated size 10 envelopes featuring Canadian wildlife. The designs of the colourful high value 1998-2010 wildlife stamp series  were reproduced on the envelopes. The results are stunning. Unfortunately I don't think many collectors have seen them in their mail or even in dealer stocks. I was taken by surprise recently when I was shown this group of used covers at a local stamp show. 

Stamp Images from Canadian Postal Archives.


 This design was used for the $1.00 definitive issued in 1998.

The addresses on all covers have been redacted

Polar Bear

The polar bear was featured on the 1998 $2.00 definitive.

White-Tailed Deer

 The $1.00 White-Tailed Deer stamp was issued in 2005

Atlantic Walrus

 $1.00 Atlantic Walrus definitive issued 2005

Peregrine Falcon

 Image from

Sable Island Horse

 The $2.00 Sable Island Horse definitive was issued in 2005


The $5.00 Moose definitive was issued in 2003

 Grizzly Bear

The Grizzly Bear was featured on the $8.00 definitive issued in  1997

Blue Whale

The $10..00 Blue Whale stamp was issued in 2010

The 1997 - 2010 wildlife definitives are among the prettiest stamps ever issued by CPC. Their reproduction on the 2012 postal stationery was top notch. If only more of us could have enjoyed receiving them in the mail.