Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mourning Covers

Starting February 4, 2013, the Government of Canada will stop distributing pennies. I picked up a notice at my postal outlet announcing the phasing out of the penny and the rounding rules that merchants may be applying when pennies are no longer given out in change owed. The notice, printed in black, reminded me of mourning covers and has inspired this post.

Here is the Notice announcing the "death" of the penny:

Mourning Covers and Stationary

Dating back to the 19th century in Canada, mourning covers contained the announcement of  a person's death and information about funeral arrangements, or were used to send sympathy thank you cards. Mourning covers and stationery are easily identified by their black borders. Commonly used in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, mourning covers are rarely seen after the 1950s.

In this posting, mourning covers from Canada, Great Britain, and the Netherlands are shown.

Canadian Mourning Covers

Welland to Farmington, Michigan, May 2, 1860

 Windsor N.S. to Lee, Kent, England, July 16, 1868

Halifax to Guysboro, July 4, 1889

Elora to York, September 4, 1874

Queen Victoria Mourning Covers

Toronto to India, March 1, 1901

Halifax to San Franciso, January 20, 1901

Hamilton local letter, February 27, 1906

Montreal, local letter December 29, 1908

Mourning Cover with Death Notice

 Toronto-St. Mary's-London R.P.O. to Cayuga, October 19, 1908



 Toronto to Tillsonburg, May 16, 1930

 London to Hamilton, November 2, 1932

Governor-General of Canada (Assistant-Secretary)
Quebec to Prince Albert, August 1, 1936

Sympathy Thank You  Card

Stratford to Vittoria, May 7, 1941

 Ottawa to Toronto, November 2, 1944

Toronto, local letter, February 5, 1952

Great Britain

 Southampton to Breaking Ridge, New Jersey, October 9, 1941

Death of King George VI : Sympathy Thank You Letters

From Queen Mary

Queen Mary was the mother of the late King George VI.

 Marlborough House, London to Tasmania, February 21, 1952

 From Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother

Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, was the widow of King George VI.

Buckingham Palace, March 15, 1952


Leerdam, December 17, 1939

The announcement folded into an envelope

Leerdbroek, September 30, 1943

Eindhoven,  February 19, 1941