Saturday, February 9, 2013

Diamond Jubilee Keepsake Folders
Volume 4 (1983-1992)

Among the many souvenirs Canada Post released during the Jubilee Year was a set of six "Keepsake Folders" which depicted stamps issued during the six decades of the Queen's reign. This post deals with   Volume 4, issued on April 6, 2012, covering the 1983 to 1992 period.

The folder includes:
  • One mini-pane of four stamps
  • A postage-paid postcard depicting Queen Elizabeth II stamps issued from 1983 to 1992
  • A booklet that recounts significant events and Royal Visits
Keepsake cover

Booklet cover


Canada Post reproduced the 40 cent definitive stamp on the mini-pane.

Royal Visits

The Queen paid five visits to Canada during the 1983 - 1992 period. Photographs from four of the visits are reproduced in the mini-pane margin.

1983The Queen toured British Columbia from March 8 to 11, 1983 at the end of Her American West Coast Tour. Cities visited included Victoria, Vancouver, Nanaimo, Vernon, Kamloops, and New Westminster.

1984The 13-day 1984 tour took the Queen to New Brunswick and Ontario to celebrate their 150th anniversaries. The Queen also visited Manitoba. 

On the 1987 Royal Visit, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip toured Vancouver, Victoria and Esquimalt, British Columbia; Regina, Saskatoon, Yorkton, Canora, Veregin, Kamsack and Kindersley, Saskatchewan; and Sillery, Cap Tourmente, Rivière-du-Loup and La Pocatière, Quebec.

1992 : 40th anniversary of Accession to the Throne

Queen Elizabeth visited Ottawa, Canada's capital, marking the 125th anniversary of Canadian Conederation and the 40th anniversary of her accession to the Throne.

Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and Her Majesty

Postage-Paid Post Card

Stamps Depicted

a) The Huta Definitives

Sculptor Jaroslav Huta's bas-relief Queen Elizabeth had been featured on the first class letter rate stamps since 1977.

The Huta definitives were produced until 1987.

32 cents : May 24, 1983

Ottawa (Senate Post Office) to Montreal, April 12, 1984
32 cents letter rate

34 cents : July 12, 1985

Ottawa to Outremont, July 26, 1986
34 cents letter rate

36 cents : October 1, 1987

Ingersoll to Kitchener, December 8, 1987
36 cents letter rate

b) The Karsh Photograph Definitives

The Huta definitive issue was replaced with a stamp design featuring a Karsh photograph of the Queen.

37 cents : December 30, 1987

Port Hope to Cobourg, December 22 , 1988
37 cents letter rate

38 cents : December 29, 1988

Truro to Toronto, October 10, 1989
38 cents letter rate

39 cents : January 12, 1990

Willowdale to Hamilton, December 19, 1990
39 cents letter rate

40 cents : December 28, 1990

North Bay to Toronto, June 6, 1991
40 cents letter rate

42 cents : December 27, 1991

Stratford to St. John's, September 11, 1992
42 cents letter rate

43 cents : December 30, 1992

Chester to Georgetown, August 22, 1994
43 cents letter rate