Sunday, March 4, 2012

Postwar POW Mail

During World War II, enemy aliens and Prisoners of War (POW) were held in about thirty camps. Repatriation of POWs continued until the end of 1946. This post shows POW correspondence in the postwar period.

A. Mail From Canada

Camp 23 : Monteith, Ontario

Monteith to Ibbenburen, Germany, March 25, 1946

Return address

P.O.W. 23

POW Camp 40 : Farnham, Quebec

Farnham to Hamburg, September 1, 1945
Unknown label applied in Germany
Returned to Canada
Two dates written in pencil : 29.5.46 (red) and 26.9.46 (black)

Return address

Unknown label

B. Mail To Canada

POW Camp 23 : Monteith

Zuttlingen, Germany to Camp 23, Monteith, December 10, 1945
Base A.P.O. receiver, February 1, 1946

POW Camp 132 : Medicine Hat

Braunschweig, Germany to Camp 132, Medicine Hat, December 25, 1945

The card below was received in Canada after POWs had been transferred from Canada.

Eberswalde, Germany to Camp 132, Medicine Hat, December 31, 1946