Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bishop Alexander Macdonell :
1837 Letter to Lyon, France

Bishop Alexander Macdonell (1762 -1840) was the first Roman Catholic bishop of Kingston, Upper Canada. The letter below was written by Macdonell and addressed to Father Jean-Marie Mioland, Vicar General at Lyon France. In his letter, Macdonell provides a report of the work done in Canada with funds received from France. A request for additional funding to open a seminary is made as well.

Kingston to Lyon, September 22, 1837
PAID 1s. 8d. Currency
Le Havre transit postmark October 24, 1837
French due : 15 decimes (manuscript)

Canadian "Paid" 1s. 8d. Currency

French Due 15 decimes

Alex Macdonell Eveque de Kingston


An excellent biography of Alex Macdonell is available at Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online.